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Rounik Sethi on Aug 07, in News 0 comments Share: The latest plugin from Audio Damage is QuatroMod which, as its name suggests, combines four powerful modulation engines in one excellent plugin. Here’s the info you need to know. Good news from the good folks at Audio Damage. They’ve a new effect plugin out that’ll appeal to musicians mad about modulation.
audio damage fluid

Audio Damage rolls classic mod plugins into new QuatroMod


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Audio Damage – Dimensions Overview This digital module is specialized in one effect only: It offers internal modulation, feedback and has two different chorus modes whose slightly different sound you might already know from the Audio Damage plug-ins Fluid and Dimensions. Views Details Unlike most chorus effects which use only one or two delays the Dimensions module utilizes not less than six, consequently providing a wide and dense sound. The delay time can be set manually with a potentiometer and with a control voltage, as expected, but there’s an internal LFO with control of rate and modulation depth, both voltage controllable as well. Feedback sends a portion of the effect signal back to the input and makes the sound more metallic and flanger-like. Mix determines the mixture between dry and wet signal and is voltage controllable as well.

VIDEO: AD040 QuatroMod Upgrade From Liquid/Fluid/Vapor

dimensions is a true stereo chorus effect for the eurorack modular system featuring two topologies. the first is a direct port of our fluid chorus plug-in, and the. Audio Damage – Dimensions, Modularsystem, Eurorack-Module, sound you might already know from the Audio Damage plug-ins Fluid and Dimensions. Audio Damage ADP01 Fluid – Stereo Chorus: Audio Damage» NAMM » NAMM » chorus pedal».

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