BitDefender Android Antivirus Goes Free For 6 Months

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bitdefender android license key free

Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition And Plus 2019 [ No Pop-Ups or Ads ]

BitDefender First of all, BitDefender is a well known antivirus software for the personal computers and the app which is going to be discuss is provided by them i.

There is nothing much to do even if you are completely new with android system. Just open the app by having a gentle click on it and start the scan and close it. It will automate the process and rest all etc. Finally, you can protect you mobile from the third party attacks up to some extent. Visit official website How to get the full version for free? Status of the promo: Simple follow the steps below Just visit the promo page here enter your email id and hit the submit button.

Within few minutes the key will reach your email address that you specified earlier. BitDefender mobile security features: No one is going to give protection for free and is similar with BitDefender.

It welcomes you with a small scan option which allows to start the complete mobile scan within a single click. Scanning Web security: Internet is a big place for spam and learning knowledge. There is a need to check the browsers often during your browsing, right?

Its a time taking process to do it as a habit and so using this one makes you to browse safe. Protection from bad websites and other forms App Lock: Pattern lock system is the best security feature for the android operating system. But what about the personal apps and images which are in SD cards, galleries etc,Simple!!

Just use the app lock to set up a password to your secret files on your mobile. It just increases your protection to one more percent.

It is also included with a smart unlock which automatically unlock the application section when you are able to connect with a trusted Wi-Fi connection. A new locking feature Malware scanner: It is included with a malware scanner with updated version which automatically scans all the installed applications in your device.

It also allows you to scan manually in your free times and its really easy to do so. I personally recommend you to scan atleast 1 time a day. Checking for malwares Privacy Advisor: We people who always skip the user permissions while installing an app. Privacy advisor notifies you when the apps crept in to take your data and it notifies you which downloading. You need to turn it on and while doing it may take a couple of minutes in order to communicate with the cloud.

Safe guard your privacy Anti-Theft: Lock,sound an alarm etc which are within BitDefender app will clean from any internet connected device. You are also notified with the change of sim on your mobile.

You just need to turn it on. You may heard about many kind of smart watches and this is of that kind. Your watch will even notify you if the mobile is in a silent mode.

Steps to install: Is damn easy to do as it was similar with installing the other apps. Let me finish this section within seconds. Using personal ID will be a bit beneficial. These are the ways where we can find tons of applications around us for protecting our devices. Finally BitDefender is an all in one antivirus mobile application with extraordinary features. One more thing, your device must be with the latest android version in order to enjoy its complete benefits.


Many PC magazine awards included these types of antivirus products but this is not the criteria to judge whether it will work in tight situations or not. Many companies claim that they get the product of the year award but this is not true in many cases because the conditions in which they test the software are totally different from real world scenario. Many people are searching for 6 months trial but why go for less when you can get full one year protection. Just unlock keys mention below and enjoy days fear free browsing. You can use this software on any smartphone, smart watch, tablet and even on phablet.

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