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Hollin Jones on Jun 19, in Review 0 comments Share: Image Line has jumped from version 12 to 20 with its latest release of FL Studio. In recent years it has had big overhauls like the vectorisation of the interface to allow resizing on huge displays, and some of the most advanced touch screen support available on any music platform.
can you download fl studio on mac

How to remove FL Studio on your macOS and Mac OS X?

How does it compare to its Windows counterpart? We take a look. For those of us that are into producing, we know all of the signature names when it comes to DAW’s Digital Audio Workstations. It’s where we jot down all of our musical ideas, emotions and spurs of creativity in between. Depending on the type of computer you’re using, your availability to a certain DAW’s could be limited.

For example, if you’re a Windows user, Logic Pro X isn’t an option for you. Fortunately, a recent update to the latter software has fixed its compatibility problem. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their software, Image Line gave FL Studio an update that should excite producers everywhere. No more special downloads or use on another computer.

To be specific, any Mac user that has Mac Os Let’s take a look. With this feature, you can clone and create multiple versions of a playlist. How is this useful? Here’s one example. Let’s say you have a track just about done but you’re not sure if you want a couple of instruments in the mix.

You can now create different time signatures for different patterns and playlists throughout a project file. Let’s say you have a piano part that’s done and you want to bounce it to use as a stem. You can now consolidate the clip as an audio file and make it easier to use as a stem or file. The function for recording audio directly in the DAW has vastly improved. And that’s just the beginning. For all of the updates, check out the video below.

So how’s the workflow on a Mac? The Verge Honestly, I haven’t found much of a difference. In terms of regular workflow, the biggest difference I have found was using my trackpad.

Having said that, I know there’s a few kick ass PC’s out there that can hold their own with Apple’s track pads. Another advantage to using a Mac for FL Studio is its compatibility with midi controllers. Since no drivers were required to install my Launchpad, I could simply plug it in and use it with no issues.

Finally, the last thing I noticed regarding the FL workflow on the Mac was the installation itself. I commend Image Line for sticking to their word with free lifetime updates and purchases. When you buy a product from Image Line, it’s yours for life. It couldn’t have been easier.

The compatibility is a game changer for those who never tried the DAW. What do you guys think? For some of you that have been using FL Studio 20 on a Mac, have you noticed any major changes?

Drum Machines, DAWs, and, Finally, FL Studio for Mac

Almost Pitch Perfect Fl Studio for Mac is real treat for amateur and professional music producers alike. Mac users have had to wait a long time but it’s been well worth it as FL Studio for Mac delivers everything that has made it so successful on PC. It’s the creative possibilities that make FL Studio so good and even though it’s a professional music production suite, the learning curve feels less then other similar software and there are lots of video tutorials to help you get to grips with it quickly. FL Studio For Mac has been one the most highly anticipated music production software releases of the year.

VIDEO: FL Studio 20- A Mac User’s perspective

Note that you do not need to download Mac specific VSTs for FL Studio for Mac. You can simply download the Windows versions and use them. FL Studio has been a favored hip-hop production software for heavyweights like Metro Boomin, Pi’erre Bourne, and many other artists. Image-Line offers a nice demo for FL Studio that you can download for free. It’s a stripped down version of the real thing, but it’s still worth.

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