CCleaner Professional Review: Is CCleaner professional worth it?

It has gotten a lot of popularity over the progressing. It is good in perspective of its relentless quality and sufficiency. The latest variation of this pro crack is the features that a customer scans for. This software is very easy to use. It is a freeware structure headway and security gadget.
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Above is the main screen of CCleaner on my Mac. When I heard the news that the program had been hacked and more than 2 million users were at risk, I was absolutely shocked, just like you. Am I affected? Should I continue using CCleaner? Questions like these all went through my mind. Some of the alternatives are free, while others are paid.

So, What Happened Exactly? The technical description was too complicated to understand. Simply put, the news is this: It did not actively harm your computer system. However, it did collect and encrypt info that might be used to do harm to your system in the future. The second payload Cisco Talos researchers discovered was a malware attack targeted against big technology organizations like Cisco, VMware, Samsung, and others. Was I Affected by the Malware?

Piriform also confirmed on this. See this reply on Twitter. More specifically, you might have the malware that affected version 5. Only the bit version of CCleaner v5. Please see here: Cisco Talos recommends affected users to restore Windows to a state before Aug Alternatively, you might also reinstall the whole Windows operating system.

For those who are skeptical about any future CCleaner issues, another option is to uninstall CCleaner and perhaps install another PC or Mac cleaning app which we cover below. Glary Utilities — Free.

You can use it to scan and fix Windows registries, as well as clean junk files from web browsers and third-party applications. The latest version is 5. The program works very well for cleaning unwanted files from your PC. The latest version is 1. For Apple Mac users, you may consider: Onyx — Free.

The latest version is 3. I also covered Onyx in this best Mac cleaner list. You can read our detailed review here. Cleaner — Free version is already powerful enough to meet your Mac cleaning needs.

The app offers several free features totally for free, unlike many of its rivals. As I I discovered that most paid apps allow you to scan your disk but limit file removal functions unless you pay to unlock them. You can see the differences between Dr.

Cleaner and Dr. Cleaner Pro from my full review here. This is another great cleaning tool for macOS. Read our review here. What Else Should I Do? If you are on a Windows PC, regularly run antivirus and malware scans. Consider removing unused apps. You can easily do so with CleanMyMac in just a few clicks. One more tip: Always backup your computer data or backup of the backups. If you have a backup at hand, your data is secure, and you can choose to restore your computer if needed.

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You know it! CCleaner Professional has all the features of the free version. Plus, you get the following facilities as well. Scheduled Cleaning Not every time we remember to run the CCleaner. If you have a bad memory, you will run the tool only when you face a performance issue. You can set a specific time for cleaning.

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Mar 22, CCleaner Pro Crack is a champion among other cleaning software for PCs and mobile phones. It has gotten a lot of popularity over the. CCleaner Serial Keys Free. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, Source: /. CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC.

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