Why Clip Studio Paint?

Since late , I’ve been helping people figure out numerous problems to the program known as Paint Tool SAI, and I am an “advocate” for the usage of that program. Despite all that, I don’t use the program anymore! Weird, I know. I use Clip Studio Paint instead! It all started when I would test out numerous art programs to find what I like.
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Learn Clip Studio Paint – Second Edition

You can also use the tools to create realistic artwork and mimic real-world shading. This tutorial does just that while focusing on rendering muscles. The artist starts off by explaining the downsides of Photoshop and praising the color blending tools in Clip Studio. Mentioning the importance of skin tone he quickly blends shadows on top of a base color drawing out the form and defining a light source. He finishes off by showing you how to change the saturation of your colors after shading.

Turn Pictures into Manga Drawings Manga artists are renowned for their time-saving drawing methods and they use some clever tricks to get detailed backgrounds. Then, using a special filter, you can change the result into halftone mimicking the style of manga backgrounds. How cool! And to top it off, the artist lets you in on a few tricks to make hero objects or characters stand out even more.

Drawing Digital Comics For Beginners This tutorial is unlike all the others in this list due to its length and structure. The tutorial starts with sketching atop a rough storyboard. Doug shows you his exact process to create a finished page and how you might go about it with CSP. After setting up the panel outlines he begins sketching the final scenes with the pen tool.

Once the pencil sketch is done he moves on to the inking process, giving you a few line work tips along the way. Finally he discusses the benefits of using vectors and how to seamlessly integrate backgrounds with characters in your digital comics. Manga Studio 5 EX: Story Creation Part 1 Most independent artists create their manga or comic one page at a time, saving it out to the appropriate format as they go.

This helps you work a lot faster and produce much more seamless page transitions. The artist shows you how the layout of a traditional manga works and how to work on your pages individually. The tools are incredibly powerful and you can even combine two pages together making it easier to draw a full double-page spread.

Animation Basics Part 1 Clip Studio Paint is not just for drawing; you can also use it for short snippets of animation. This tutorial starts off with a description of the animation-specific panels and layout. The video also explains specific ways you need to work to create frames on different layers. There are no in-betweens or frame holds so this is real 2D animation in action.

Once you understand the process from start to finish you can apply some of those techniques to your own art. This speedpaint video will give you an excellent understanding of how to go from sketch to final color in Clip Studio Paint. You can also pause along the way to keep up. To make this a practical exercise pick up your pencil or Wacom pen and follow along with the artist!

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Why Clip Studio Paint? Designed for drawing and painting We created Clip Studio Paint for creators who love to draw and paint. With a natural brush feel beyond other graphics software, you can enjoy creating your vision just how you want it. Download the free trial for a step into a reimagined drawing experience.

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The [Tool] palette displays when [Window] menu → [Tool] is selected. Various tools are arranged as buttons. Clicking a button enables the tool for use. Enjoy creating more. Graphics software and app for character art, drawing, and painting, loved by professionals for its range of painting tools and natural. Since late , I’ve been helping people figure out numerous | problems to the program known as Paint Tool SAI, and I am an “advocate” for.

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