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Real-time scanning of mail, games, IM, etc. Silent analysis of the complete network infrastructure. Real-time detection of dubious applications and unauthorized changes of sensitive data. Scans and blocks websites with malicious URLs. It offers protection against spyware, malware, viruses, rootkits, etc.
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Comodo Internet Security Pro review, manual and guides

Please use the following links to go straight to the section that you need help with: Installation The main interface Scanning and cleaning your computer Run an instant antivirus scan on selected items Setting up the Firewall for maximum security and usability Set up HIPS for maximum security and usability Running untrusted programs in the container Browse the internet and run untrusted programs inside the Virtual Desktop Renew or upgrade licenses More Help Installation If you haven’t done so already, please download the CIS setup file from Before beginning installation, please ensure you have uninstalled any other antivirus and firewall products that are on your computer.

More specifically, remove any other products of the same type as those Comodo products you plan to install. Double click the CIS setup file to start the installation wizard.

Click ‘Customize Installation’ if you wish to configure advanced options. After finishing the wizard, you need to reboot your computer to complete installation. After rebooting you will be asked to choose your type of internet connection On first load, the CIS interface will display a security status of ‘At Risk’, meaning you need to run your first antivirus scan.

Click ‘Fix It’ to run the scan. The virus database will be updated automatically prior to the scan. After the scan has completed, click ‘Fix It’ again to deal with any discovered threats. A more detailed description of the options available during installation can be found in the installation guide at The Main Interface The CIS interface is designed to be as clean and informative as possible and lets you carry out tasks with the minimum of fuss.

Each tile on the home screen contains important security and update information and allows you to quickly delve further into areas of interest. All rights reserved 2 3 Basic View Overall security status is shown in the large box on the left. If problems are found, this box will show a large red ‘X and a ‘Fix It!

To add or remove tasks in this area, click the ‘Tasks’ button at top-left then click the ‘pin’ icon next to your desired task Click ‘Scan’ to run an instant antivirus scan Scan individual files or folders by right-clicking on them and selecting ‘Scan with Comodo antivirus’ Flip between ‘Advanced View’ and ‘Basic View’ by clicking the toggle button at the upper-right Advanced view shows ‘Antivirus’, ‘Containment’ and ‘Firewall’ activities in greater detail.

This includes the number of detected threats, last virus database update time, number of inbound and outbound connections and more. This view also allows you to quickly change security settings for each component.

The ‘Manage Protection’ button in the ‘security information’ tile lets you to turn security components on or off. All rights reserved 3 4 report problems or chat with Comodo security experts. Scanning and Cleaning your Computer Comodo Internet Security allows you to run on-demand virus scans at any time.

If any threats are found then an alert screen will be displayed along with cleaning options. This includes system memory, auto-run entries, hidden services, boot sectors, important registry keys and system files. An alert screen will be shown at the end of the scan if issues were detected. Connected devices such as USB drives, storage drives and digital cameras will also be scanned. If you want to run the scan in the background, click ‘Send to Background’ Any detected threats will be displayed in full at the end of the scan.

The alert will tell you how many threats were found; the name and location of the threats and will provide you with virus removal options If you click ‘Yes, I want an expert to clean it’, you will be connected to a GeekBuddy technician who will offer to expertly clean your system If you wish to clean the infections yourself, select ‘No, I will clean it myself’ Comodo Internet Security Quick Start Guide Comodo Security Solutions Inc. All rights reserved 4 5 Run a Rating Scan The ‘Rating Scan’ feature is designed to evaluate the trust-level of all files and root certificates on your computer.

Root certificates are used by your browser to verify the legitimacy of SSL certificates on websites that you visit. The scan will run a cloud-based assessment of your files and certificates and report back to you with a verdict on their rating. Files are rated as follows: By default, unknown files will be automatically run in the CIS container.

Malicious – The file is malware. You will be presented with disinfection and removal options for such files. Untrusted Root certificates only.

The root certificate is not safe. File Name: The file which was scanned Rating: The rating of the file as per the cloud based analysis Age: The period of time that the file has been stored on your computer Auto-run: Indicates whether the file is an auto-run file or not. Malicious auto-run files could be ruinous to your computer so we advise you clean or quarantine them immediately Action: Displays a drop-down with actions to be executed on Unrecognized and Malicious files identified.

Each file identified as ‘Bad’ is accompanied with a drop-down box that allows you to ‘Clean’, ‘Trust’ or ‘Take no action’ Clean – If a disinfection routine is available for the selected infection s , Comodo Antivirus will disinfect the application and retain the application file.

If a disinfection routine is not available, Comodo Antivirus will move the files to Quarantine for later analysis. No Action – If you wish to ignore the file, select ‘No Action’. Use this option with caution. By choosing to neither ‘Clean’ nor ‘Trust’, this file will be detected by the next ratings scan that you run.

Trust – Files that you assign ‘Trusted’ status to will not be flagged in future scans. You can apply an action to multiple files as follows: Select your preferred action from the drop-down menu at top-left Select all files to which you want to apply the action Click the ‘Apply Selected Actions’ button to implement your choice.

Run a Custom Scan Comodo Antivirus allows you to create custom scan profiles to scan specific areas, drives, folders or files in your computer. All rights reserved 5 6 Scan a folder Scan the contents of folders and sub-folders. Choose the target folder in the ‘Browse for Folder’ window and click ‘OK’. Scan a file – Scan a specific file stored on your hard drives or external devices. Click ‘File Scan’ from the ‘Custom Scan’ pane to choose your target file.

More Scan options – Create a custom scan profile which lets you choose exactly which files and folders are scanned, when they are scanned and how they are scanned. Add File – Allows you to add individual files to the profile Add Folder – Allows you to select entire folders to be included in the profile Add Region – Allows you to add pre-defined regions to the profile choice of ‘Full Computer’, ‘Commonly Infected Areas’ and ‘System Memory’ and ‘Trusted Root Certificate Store’ Repeat the process to add more items to the profile.

Click ‘OK’ to confirm your choice Click ‘Options’ to further customize the scan Click ‘Scan’ beside the profile name to launch your scan Run an Instant Antivirus Scan on Selected Items You can run an instant antivirus scan on any selected area like disks, folders, files and removable storage To instantly scan an item Right click on a file, folder or drive and select ‘Scan with COMODO antivirus’ from the context sensitive menu OR Click the ‘Advanced View’ button top-right Drag and drop the item you wish to scan into the ‘Drop Files to Scan’ box Set up the Firewall For Maximum Security and Usability Note the firewall is already configured to provide total security.

This section is only for advanced users who wish to tweak the settings even further. Stealth Ports Settings Port Stealthing is a security feature whereby ports on an internet connected PC are hidden from sight, sending no response to opportunistic port scans.

Open ‘Firewall Tasks’ from the Tasks interface 2. All rights reserved 6 7 automatically for you. To view the configurations 1. Click ‘Network Zones’ under ‘Firewall’ from the left hand side pane 3.

Click ‘Network Zones’ tab from the ‘Network Zones’ interface 4. Firewall Settings The ‘Firewall Settings’ option allows you to configure the protection level for your internet connection and the frequency of alerts generated. To open Firewall Settings panel 1. Click ‘Firewall Settings’ under ‘Firewall’ on the left.

Ensure that ‘Enable Firewall’ is selected and choose ‘Safe mode’ from the drop-down beside it. Safe Mode: While filtering network traffic, the firewall will automatically create rules that allow all traffic for the components of applications certified as ‘Safe’ by Comodo. For non-certified new applications, you will receive an alert whenever that application attempts to access the network.

Should you choose, you can grant that application Internet access by choosing ‘Treat this application as a Trusted Application’ at the alert. This will deploy the predefined firewall policy ‘Trusted Application’ onto the application. Deselect ‘Do not show pop-up alerts’ Select ‘Set alert frequency level’ option and choose ‘Low’ from the drop-down. At the ‘Low’ setting, the firewall shows alerts for outgoing and incoming connection requests for an application.

This is the setting recommended by Comodo and is suitable for the majority of users. Advanced Settings When launching a denial of service or ‘flood’ attack, an attacker bombards a target machine with so many connection requests that your computer is unable to accept legitimate connections, effectively shutting down your web, , FTP or VPN server. To protect from such attacks, make the following settings under ‘Advanced’ in the ‘Firewall Settings’ interface: Moreover, these fragmentations can double the amount of time it takes to send a single packet and slow your download time.

Setting-up Application Rules, Global Rules and Predefined Firewall Rulesets You can configure and deploy traffic filtering rules on an application-specific and a global basis. You can also create and deploy predefined firewall rule-sets. It prevents buffer overflow attacks, root-kits, inter-process memory injections, key-loggers and more. Very rarely and only in a heavily loaded system , low memory conditions might cause certain CIS functions to fail. With this option enabled, CIS will attempt to locate and utilize memory using adaptive techniques so that it can complete its pending tasks.

However, enabling this option may reduce performance in even lightly loaded systems. Optional – Enable ‘Block all unknown requests if the application is not running’. This is option is very strict indeed and in most cases should only be enabled on seriously infested or compromised machines while the user is working to resolve these issues. If you know your machine is already ‘clean’ and are looking just to enable the highest CIS security settings then it is OK to leave this box unchecked.

All rights reserved 8 9 Running Untrusted Programs in the Container Comodo Internet Security allows you to run programs in the container on a one-off basis. There are a couple of ways of doing this: Run a program inside the container by right-clicking 1. Browse to the installation folder of the.

Right-click on the program that you want to run inside the container 3. To run an application inside the container, click ‘Choose and Run’ then browse to the application. The contained application will run with a green border around it.

If you wish to run the application in the container in future, then select ‘Create a virtual desktop shortcut’. Browse to the application and click ‘Open’. In the example above, Open Office Writer is chosen.


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Problems of removing COMODO Internet Security usually posted by many of take a right and complete way to remove it, those stubborn and hidden files 10/ 8/ right-click on the small Windows icon, select Programs and Features that allows advanced users to modify the registry keys/entries inside. Comodo Internet Security Pro 8 Crack Free Download suite with free firewall and antivirus software for complete PC protection against online threats. vibnibite: COMODO Internet Security Premium 11 License key do. Dr WebPrograming. I want to add it to another device, but the free version of COMODO on my new device does not have the “Activate key” link that used to be there. Help! created by mashedpatatasa community for 8 years. message the.

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