EmEditor Professional 11.0.2

Matching tag highlight allows you to make sure HTML tag nesting is correct. External tools allow you to configure web browsers to preview HTML documents. The Replace in Files feature allows you to replace matched strings with other strings.
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EmEditor Professional (64bit) 17.0.2

Review by Jerome Johnston on 21 Dec, Nowadays, text editing is an activity done by most of the computer users. Some of them have to deal with large text files. Windows includes two programs for text editing, but unfortunately, they lack a lot of useful options and also, they can’t handle large text files. A text editor that has all these and also supports editing large documents is EmEditor.

Compared to the text editors that come with Windows, this one offers features like macros, syntax highlighting or unicode support.

These features are required even by average users and they simplify a lot the process of editing text. The installation of EmEditor completes fast and during this process, the user is able to add a tray icon, associate EmEditor with text files, use it to view source for the pages found in Internet Explorer and add it to the Internet Explorer HTML editor list. The program’s interface resembles the one of a classic text editor, as it includes a menu bar, a toolbar and a text area.

The toolbar’s icons can be used for completing most of the program’s actions and they are also very well done and intuitive, allowing even inexperienced users to take advantage of it. Text editing is what every text editor offers to its users, but what makes them different from one another is the number of functions and features and how simple those features are to use. Thus, a feature included in EmEditor is the possibility to open files in individual tabs.

This may prove extremely useful for moving text from one file to another, for example. EmEditor also allows quickly searching and replacing text, which can save you time and effort, especially when dealing with large files that need a lot of replacing inside of them.

A feature that normally you’ll find in more advanced text editors, like Microsoft Word, is the possibility to create and use macros, which will greater speed up tasks and help you complete them more efficiently.

The software also allows syntax highlighting for a large number of programming languages. EmEditor is extremely flexible, thus the toolbar buttons can be configured, moved or changed. Also, it supports the use of additional plugins. Bookmarks can also be used, which is useful for finding certain parts of text in large files. The program offers unicode support, tabbed editing interface, powerful and functional macros and syntax highlighting.

It can also work with large text files. Beginners who are familiar with the Windows text editing tools need some time to accommodate to EmEditor.

Also, the macro feature is a bit difficult to master by first-time users. EmEditor is great text editor that includes all the features a user might want from a text editor. You can download EmEditor free here. About the author: He has graduated from the Computer Science Faculty and he learned a lot about programming and Information Technology. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated EmEditor 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential Sponsored Links.

Main Features of this version:

EmEditor allows you to open huge files GB or larger quickly and easily, and is optimized for speed and reliability. The Large File Controller maximizes productivity by opening sections of enormous files for faster editing. In a speed comparison test, EmEditor performed better than 10 other text editors in four different categories, including launch time and time to open large files. The text editor can record and play keystrokes and mouse operation against other applications, and includes plug-ins such as Projects and Word Complete, lots of objects for macros, the Macros Toolbar, and portability options such as USB drive setup , virtual space mode, wrap indent, smooth scroll, and crash auto-recovery. EmEditor v13 includes many new features, such as the new Multiple Selection Editing, which allows users to select and edit text from multiple parts of the document simultaneously.

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Free Download Portable EmEditor Professional – Fast text editor that helps you edit simple text or C++, Java, HTML, Perl and Python data. Free Download EmEditor Professional – Feature-rich text editor for seasoned users, with support for large files, Unicode, file comparison. Download locations for EmEditor Professional , Downloads: , Size: MB. Lightweight text editor with Unicode support.

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