Many a times receiving or sending images via email allows low-resolution images so they load faster and are suitable for mailing. You can re-size a single image or a whole folder of images at one go without hampering the image quality. Towards the end of this post, you ill also see links to other free image resizer software for Windows PC. You can even share it with any other device. Key Features of Fotosizer:
download fotosizer

Download Fotosizer

Minor UI updates and fixes. Fixed Overwrite choice apply to all not working where the rename option only applies to first photo. Fixed conversion of transparent png images to jpeg that would cause the background to be black. Added corrections for Greek translations. Added language translations for Japanese, Armenian, Lithuanian.

Fixed issue where on startup Fotosizer window is displayed back on primary monitor instead of where you had it open before. Added icons to Colour Adjustment section for each setting.

Added degree rotation setting. Added more text watermark variables such as EXIF metadata and date taken. Added ability to reduce text watermark font size to fit target image. Added ability to resize image watermarks both proportionally to target image and a fixed size. Added auto-rotation of image watermarks by EXIF orientation of the image. Fixed updating of After resize size in image selection list when auto rotate setting is enabled.

Fixed issue with output to compressed zip file where falsely prompt was made for overwriting files. Fixed “The process cannot access the file Fixed issue where saving animated gifs would result in error and blank image in preview.

Fixed issue in installer. NET Framework detection that would sometimes prompt that. NET Framework not installed even when v4. Fixed saving of resize measurement units inches, cm, mm to profiles. Fixed issue with saving and resetting of rotation settings.

Fixed changing of DPI that had been broken in last release. NET Framework 2. Fixed error when loading using Spanish on some computers running Windows XP. Fixed out of memory error on some computers updating progress bar in resize progress dialog. Fixed error when closing resize progress dialog before resizing finished. Fixed error when changing profiles resetting the destination settings output format. Applied minor UI updates. Added Large icon size to Fotosizer application icon so that it can be displayed when Windows desktop is set to show large icons.

Fixed resizing when “Do not resize if smaller” is selected so that no resizing is performed. Previously it was sizing to the same dimensions as original. Fixed text watermark shadow placement. Added Extruded shadow 3D setting. Added Glow effect on Text Watermark outline. Fixed issue with text wrapping in Text watermarks. Added warning prompt when a filename mask contains invalid filename characters. Added error logging and send error report dialog.

Improved performance of adding images to image selection list. Fixed text watermark font size usage to be correct the same as other applications. Fixed loading of percent side resize setting. Fixed saving of Text watermark background colour enabled setting. Fixed error with setting exif thumbnail when photo does not support or previously didn’t have it set. Added feedback details of processing to resize progress dialog.

Fixed an issue with saving images that originate from a network folder that only has read permissions. Added Crop resizing mode. Changed “Center image in target resolution” setting to new “Pad” resizing mode. Added ability to set background colour for Pad resizing mode to transparent. Added after resize dimensions and file size to preview window to see what file size changes result in after processing. Enabled bit version giving better memory management to resize and process larger images. Improved handling of images of large file size.

Added support for animated GIF images. Added support for multi-page TIFF images. Fixed saving of “Maintain Aspect Ratio” setting on exit. Fixed manual rotation image selection list toolbar buttons which previously resulted in an image larger than the original.

Moved Professional Edition Auto rotate setting to be a general setting in the Optional dialog. Changed image selection list thumbnails so that they are automatically rotated based on auto rotate setting. Added Lomo Effect giving Lomography effect to photos. Added Pixelate Effect making photos pixelated. Added Vignette Effect giving making vignette over photo. Added setting to apply optimization to PNG images. Added overwrite prompt dialog for when filename of image already exists in destination folder.

Added ability to set background colour for text watermarks. Added ability to set text outline thickness for text watermarks. Added ability to set text shadow thickness for text watermarks.

Added gradient text colour choice for text watermarks. Added ability to set background colour for Rounded corners to transparent. Added ability to save settings to profiles, reload settings profiles and delete settings profiles Added automatic download and install of updates.

Professional Edition Added Product key to Options dialog. Professional Edition Added updates status to status bar of main Fotosizer window. Added new colour selector control. Added “Eye dropper” button to colour selector to pick colour from areas of the screen. Fixed automatic check for updates so that it does not crash when retrieving setting from Windows registry if user does not have access. Added Czech translation corrections. Applied minor UI fixes to buttons. Changed browse for folder dialog in Windows Vista to be old style as new style pre.

Changed default selected Filename option to be “Create copies”. Changed rotations to be applied before resize. Added “Center image in target resolution” resize setting. Added “Insert symbol option” to watermarks to add copyright, registered, trademark and other common symbols to text watermarks. Fixed reloading of saved rotation settings. Fixed display of text watermark setting textbox. Professional Edition Applied minor UI fixes to buttons. Added slider bar for watermark rotation.

Professional Edition Minor UI updates. Fixed high CPU usage issue when running Fotosizer. Added setting to Options window to turn off sorting on photo list for adding and removing images. Added corner radius setting for rounded corners. Professional Edition Updated Turkish translations.

Editors’ Review

What Fotosizer can do for you Batch resizing, watermarking and rotation Resize, rotate and watermark hundreds of photos in one go, in minutes with the click of a button. Add Rounded corners to your photos Apply rounded corners to your photos to make them stand out. Add text and image watermarks Add your name or copyright notice or your logo as watermarks on your photos. Stamp your authority over your images. Selection from Windows Explorer Context menu Choose your pictures from Windows File Explorer, using the right-click context menu, then selecting the “Resize with Fotosizer” option.

VIDEO: Resize hundreds of photos in minutes

Fotosizer is a freeware batch image resizer tool. It can resize your photos in just three easy steps. Download locations for Fotosizer , Downloads: , Size: MB. Batch Image resizing made easy. Download Fotosizer Easy batch image conversion. Fotosizer is a free application that allows you to process groups of pictures and apply them the.

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