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Download Virtual Audio Cable 4. Virtual Audio Cable Full is similar to sound card with its input and output externally connected between each other, but Virtual Audio Cable without need any additional audio hardware. Virtual Audio Cable VAC allowing multiple applications to open the port at the same time, all sounds coming to the playback port are mixed together, and each client connected to the recording port will get an individual copy of a signal via its recording or capture stream. Mixing and distributing are performed on the cable basis only, different cables are completely independent from each other. Key Features:
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Audio Downloads

Any application can send audio to the output device, and other application can receive this stream from the input device. If more than one applications are sending audio to VAC, it will mix all streams together. If more than one applications are receiving audio from VAC, it will share the same audio data between all targets. VAC is useful to record application’s audio output in real time. Though you can use almost any recording application, VAC is an extremely useful addition for our ScreenVirtuoso product.

If your sound card allows you to record what you hear you do not need to use VAC to record sound in ScreenVirtuoso. See our Sound Recording article to learn more. VAC needs no audio card; it is a “virtual audio card” itself.

A detailed description is included into a free trial package. Number of DirectSound devices is not limited. Trial version is limitedto 2 cables only. Almost any of fixed point PCM audio formats Floating point formats are not supported.

Almost no sound latency with maximal interrupt frequency. Unlimited number of clients connected to each port. Signal mixing with saturation between output port clients.

PCM format conversion. Control Panel application to dynamically configure cables. For example, to hear what you record see the picture below. Top Picture: You do not hear what you record, because of entire audio stream is redirected to the VAC. Bottom Picture: You hear what you record, because of Auto Repeater dublicates an audio stream and transfers it to speakers. Installation Download the latest trial version of VAC and install it. When installation is complete, two virtual audio devices appear: Configure applications as shown on the picture below.

Now you are ready to record what you hear! Please read the readme. If you have already installed previous version of VAC, do not forget to uninstall it first. If some application can output to another device default is speakers , you do not need to set the global output device in the Windows Control Panel. Simply redirect its output to VAC.

Please visit this link to order it. Support If you have experienced any problems with VAC, please contact vendor. See the Support chapter in the Manual for the request format guidelines.

Create virtual audio channels

It’s like a sound card with hardwired input and output: Thus, you can record and process output of almost any audio application by almost any other audio application. VAC operates like TotalRecorder but is more universal. Virtual Audio Cable Latest Version!

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Jan 12, Download Virtual Audio Cable free. A tool that allows you to connect several audio programs together. ✓ Updated ✓ Free download. VB-Audio Virtual Cable and App’s. Click Here to download from alternative web site. For END USER, HIFI-Cable & ASIO-Bridge are free to use! You pay. Sep 14, There’s only one piece of software that does it well—Virtual Audio To get started, head to VB Audio’s website and download VB-Cable. You’ll.

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