Where’s my Dreamweaver CS3 Serial Key?

We accept Paypal and Paypal’s Credit Card as the standard payment method. Please understand. For original Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: It activates your copy of software or system installed either online or from a genuine DVD, saving both your time and budget. Please do not share the key, or install it on different computers.
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Maintaining Trinity websites

Before you begin Identify if your site is an older site type, with left hand menu, or a newer site type based on templates with a top menu. Some tips on how to identify older and newer site types can be found on our frequently asked questions page. If you are not sure, ask your designated departmental web administrator. Instructions on how to identify your Dreamweaver version can be found on our frequently asked questions page. Adding the image to your webpage. Step 1: Adding the new image file to your local website files Locate the image file you wish to use, you may be emailed the image, have downloaded it from the internet, or given it on removable media like a CD or memory key.

No matter how you receive the image you will need to copy the image into your images folder within your local website files.

You many need to rename the image file as it is recomended the filename should be all lower case and contain no spaces. The steps below will guide you through this. Step 2: Adding the image to the webserver Once you have the file in the local webfolder, you can now upload it to the webserver so that it can be viewed on the internet.

Click the up arrow button to “put” the file on the webserver. Allow the file activity to complete The file is now on the webserver and can be placed in your webpage You can verify that the file is on the webserver by comparing the file list on the remote and local folders. Click on the “expand button” on the right of the folder list. This brings up the remote file list on left and local file list on right. Open the ‘assets’ folder and the ‘img’ folder on both and you can compare the files within each.

Click on the “expand button” on the right of the folder list to close the folder list to its usual location. Step 3: Now you have located the image in your local Dreamweaver files, and uploaded it to the webserver, you can place it on the page. Download the webpage you wish to add the image file to. Place the cursor on the desired location on page.

This Alt attribute is what will display in the web browser if the image cannot be found and is also what text-to-speech software or text-only software will use to represent the image for accessibility. If you are using Dreamweaver CS, when confirming that you wish to insert an image you will be asked to supply alternate text. In the Alt box on the right enter the alternative text for the image.

Step 4: Saving the webpage and previewing the image. Now your image has been uploaded to the webserver and inserted into the page, you can view it to see if you are happy with it. Save your page changes. Open a webbrowser and enter the URL for the page. Note if you have recently viewed the page you may need to clear your cache to view the most recent version.

If you are happy with the image, its size and position, then close the page in Dreamweaver and exit the program. Photoshop is the best tool for resizing images, however if you do not have access to this you can use Microsoft Paint or Dreamweaver to resize an image. Below are the steps to use Dreamweaver to adjust the size of an image on the website. Something to keep in mind, images can be made smaller and retain clarity and sharpness.

However it is not possible to make an image bigger than the dimensions of the original file and retain the clarity and sharpness necessary. Before you begin, make a copy of the original image file and store it somewhere on your computer for backup should you need it. If you are using Dreamweaver CC Click on the image and using the mouse, drag the black markers to resize the image as you require.

In the Properties bar at the bottom of the screen, click on the Resample button in the Edit area, this resamples the image to ensure clarity and reduce download size. Setting the W automatically sets the H to ensure the ratio of the image is kept. Right-click on the image after resizing it and choose Optimize, this resamples the image to ensure clarity and reduce download size.

Or you can set a specific width W or height H. Setting an Image Editor If you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer Dreamweaver will automatically set Photoshop to be your default image editor. However if you do not have it installed you may wish to set another image editor program to be your default.

This will allow you to edit images within Dreamweaver easily. From the subsequent dialogue box navigate to the MS paint programme. This is typically found in C: Editing images.

Once you have installed Photoshop, or set another application as your Image Editor see steps above you are ready to edit images. Simply add the image to your webpage as shown in the steps at the top of the page. From the Properties bar you can click on the Edit icon This will open the image in MS Paint, where you can resize, rotate, add text or graphics to the image as you wish.

Save your changes in MS Paint and they are automatically imported to your webpage. Click on the image file in the local folder list, to the right, and upload it to the webserver.

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