DVDFab for Mac Released to Support Mac OS X 10.9

Here is an excerpt from an email just sent to customers: As it turned out, our portal site spam was temporarily blocked by some third party organizations in the States, misleadingly convincing people that DVDFab Was Down, which was not the case! Here, DVDFabbers all around the world, please accept our sincere apologies, if any inconvenience or uneasiness this situation was causing and is going to cause you in a few days to come. We promise to work this out as soon as we can, through any possible means.
dvdfab process failed

DVDFab Decrypter – Error 400 ???

Timeout was reached 0m Source manager: Work manager: Source Video Size Original: Source Video Size Display: Source Video FPS: Source Video Bitrate: Source Audio Bitrate: Source Audio Channels: Source Audio Volume: Work Profile: MP4 0m Couldn’t resolve host name 0m Reg check: Connect test Failed. Timeout was reached 1m Times of connecting error is: Get registration info failed, the return string is: Msg Start: Run current Work. Begin work ripper. Begin work copy or converter.

Start check DVD Ripper register status. End check DVD Ripper register status: Enable 2m Exit process: Init Public log: Init Private log: App info: Init CrashReportSettings: Profile Manager:: Begin Load Profile 0m Qt Translator file load success 0m Fabplay load: Load successful.

Init process: Transfer settings successful. GPU check: GPUAccelerate-0 0m GPUAccelerate setting-0, 0 0m CUDA cap-0 0m Support coreavc decode-0 0m Lighting shrink status-0, 0 0m Graphics info 1: Graphics info 2: Load config successful. Windows os type is Parse string: Option check status-Local 0m HD Decrypter: Init GPU settings successful. Start get sys number. Serial number is: Connect type is: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine.

Init internal engine successful. Option check status-NewWork 0m Burn engine: End Load Profile 0m Init setting page successful. Show UI Step 2 0m Show UI Step 3 0m Start show MainUI. UI manager: DriveX msg: Open blu-ray disc expired time:

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All the other files have converted successfully. I have almost always run fab offline as I have had a very flaky slow connection. To be honest my initial attempts to use the programme didn’t work when I allowed fab online. I tried to do the conversion with fab on line and here is the internal log – DVDFab Init Public log: Init Private log:

VIDEO: J.D. Hodges

User reviews for DVDFab All-In-One – Complete solution for ripping and It has succeeded in cases where Handbrake, eg, failed. . Process failed!. It started out fine then 60% into the copying process I got Process Failed. Task_1 failed! Error=(10 4 25 35 IDNP 40 1. Task_1 failed! Error= Process failed! And ejects DVD. I never experienced anything like that. Is this some kind of new protection? TIA taboo.

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