EAST WEST BOSENDORFER 290 SILVER Quantum Leap Pianos Bosendorfer Silver

If you’re lucky, the tools themselves will inspire you. Star Wars: EastWest has become an important part of my sonic template. Their collections contain generous sound palettes with great attention to detail.
east west ql pianos


Articulation matrix for quick and straightforward loading Most powerful streaming engine available with highest polyphony counts PLAY interface includes impulses from the same hall the producers used to record Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs so the pianos can blend with those collections.

I’m absolutely amazed. It’s love at first touch. When I first heard it, I had to play it, and I fell in love. The recording quality and playablity is fantastic and these are the only digital piano sounds they faithfully reproduce the resonances of a well tuned piano. Always somethings I want out of sounds. To lead me somewhere, to let myself go.

The PLAY interface gives me a ton of control and flexibility, but it’s also really easy to use which allows me to experiment and get the sound I want quickly. The sounds are impeccable and naturalistically captured while the ease of use and the power of the new PLAY engine makes the instruments top of their field.

The greatest accomplishment, in my view, is the way the room sound was captured. Even when using only the Player position I found it almost unneccessary to invoke the built-in convolution reverb, which is amazing in and of itself. If you’re looking for the most authentic sounding sampled grand pianos available at this time, and have a system that can handle it, Quantum Leap Pianos is a must-consider.

Just make sure you have the latest vesion – and a computer that is ready for it! Whatever your preference, it’s clear that all four are very good sampled pianos, and since they’re sold as a bundle, buyers will be spoiled for choice! This collection of four superb instruments raises the bar for sampled grand piano playability without hiking the price too high.

Keyboard Magazine The new meaning of heavyweight. It makes me want to play late 19th Century classical – if I could! It’s very lively, with just the right combination of depth and brilliance. There’s a nice singing quality and melodic projection over chords. I have a sense of comfort here, even more than with the Steinway. Lean back, and it’s brooding and mellow. You’ll need a bad-ass computer to play the full-size presets with abandon, but if you have one – wow!

PLAY includes custom designed virtual instruments that look as beautiful as they sound Interface designed to eliminate clutter, including only the controls needed for each individual virtual instrument Load MORE thanks to bit support bit support allows you to load many more instruments and voices, limited only by your system RAM bit support is included also While most high-end computers will support 16Gb, a very small set of high-performance enterprise computers with Microsoft Vista Ultimate can already use Gb of RAM.

Interface automatically changes to display current instrument Forget browsing through complicated patch names:

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I’m only on installation CD no. I was in between shopping and cleaned the apartment. It’s similar to television, where the ads are constantly interrupted by a movie. So you have enough time for important things And then? I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 years old and only now did I come up with the idea to buy a good piano sound for my keyboard.

VIDEO: EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos Gold

QL Pianos Platinum | Four of the world´s finest grand pianos | Bechstein D, Steinway D, Bösendorfer and a Yamaha C7 | EN. EastWest/Quantum Leap Pianos Gold Edition, which provides only the player’s perspective mics and bit samples, is available for users with. EastWest/Quantum Leap Pianos Bösendorfer. EastWest/Quantum Leap Pianos Bechstein. EastWest/Quantum Leap Pianos Yamaha. Pianos Platinum and Gold.

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