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It allows you to hide the real IP location and provides an anonymity location IP. Now you can open up a wide range of websites which are blocked by your internet service provider very quickly with the help of Hide IP Easy Full With Registration Code free. We know that many Internet sites are being actively blocked in your country, even if the website does not contain pornographic content such as Reddit or Youtube. You can use this to activate full version free. Just download it from below given link and get it installed on your PC.
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Hide IP Address Safe Detailed Review

Account Looking for device setup? Our download page has setup instructions for all major devices. If you are having problems following these guides or have a question about your license or payment options take a look the questions below. If you are still having problems use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Firstly, check here to see if your IP is correct http: If its still showing your home IP then reinstall the application.

This may simply resolve the problem on the spot. Please also ensure that you have cleared cookies and history from your browser. Also ensure you close you browser down, and restart it, after changing your IP as some browsers continue to connect as it was ie the server it was using rather than change to the new one.

Whenever a computer sends a network packet using TCP, it waits for confirmation that the packet has arrived before resending the packet if no confirmation is received , or sending the next packet if confirmation is received. How much TCP actually slows a connection down in practice can be very dependent on other network factors, with distance being the most important. The further away you are from your VPN server geographically, the further TCP packets have to travel to and fro, and therefore the slower your connection will be.

If the server is relatively close-by, then you may not see much of a speed loss, while benefiting from a more reliable connection. Slower Speed — TCP features higher encryption methods that tend to slow transfer rates a little. This makes it much faster, but less reliable.

This will expose your computer to the Internet off the VPN. Classic can be used only on a Windows PC. Classic offers more features like being able to choose which of your programs will be directed through our servers. What do we recommend. Easy-Hide-IP does not contain any viruses, trojans, spyware or adware.

If so, it will highlight it as being a threat, even though the program may be perfecty legitimate. In the case of Easy-Hide-IP Classic, to protect your identity and change your IP address we need to re-route your traffic through our private servers.

To do this we set the proxy for Internet Explorer automatically. Some trojans also work in the same way but of course their intention is to cause damage your computer, this is why a few anti-virus programs detect Easy-Hide-IP as being a problem when it really is not.

Please take a look at the link below for a full set of anti-virus reports gathered by a third party Download3k. We cannot support the usage of email clients such as Microsoft Outlook due to the potential of spamming. We periodically review our available servers, and add new servers.

If you have a suggestion of a server location you would like to see, please tell us! Can I help you test the software? We sometimes ask users to test our new products in exchange for a free license.

Ask us for more information! What is the difference between Classic and VPN protocols? VPN is faster then Classic but Classic offers more features like being able to choose which of your programs will be directed through our servers.

Easy-Hide-IP is a program that allow you to surf the Internet anonymously. It protects your identity and location. It allows you to change your location so you can access geographically restricted material and keep your browsing private. It also encrypts your connections, protecting you from potential attacks. Identity theft is one of the biggest non-violent threats to our personal safety, and can mean unlimited financial loss if your details get into the wrong hands.

Those people who would steal your information can also view your on-line browsing, ie can see every page you have visited. Easy-Hide-IP products protect you from this by routing your browsing through our servers throughout the world ending in a location of your choice and encrypting the connection.

It is particularly important to connect via our VPN when you are away from home, say at an airport of hotel to ensure your connections is secure. We offer extensive reductions for multiple purchases, and license add-ons to those who are current customers. Contact us for details. What network speed can I expect to receive? The current capability of the network is between 1 mb and 4 mb depending on the server you are connected to, the distance you are from the server, and the network quality between you and our network.

There are instructional videos here to show you how to set up Easy Hide on your device. Easy-Hide-IP provides enrypted connections using the blowfish algorythm to ensure that your internet traffic remains safe. Your ISP will see an encrypted connection to our service, they will have no record of any websites or services you visited while connected.

Can I choose whichever IP address I like? Of course! Do you retain logs? We do retain logs for our own diagnostic purposes and in order to conform to the laws in the country our servers reside. Do you limit server switches? The license is your responsibility, so keep it safe. No, we do not accept bitcoin at this time but we are setting up a system to accept bitcoins and it should be available in the very near future.

Follow the PayPal link on our payment page then click Continue where you see this text: Use your credit card or bank account where available. Your license keys is sent out automatically to your registered PayPal email address when you make a purchase.

The emails are sometime detected as spam by some email clients so its also a good idea to check your spam folder as well. If you still are not having any luck please send us an email at support easy-hide-ip. I paid with an eCheck, where is my license key? Please contact our support team and we will extend your demo license until the eCheck has cleared with PayPal. How do I cancel my monthly subscription? You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account and following these steps.

Once cancelled you will no longer be billed for any more payments and you can continue using Easy-Hide-IP until your current payment period expires. What are my payment options? How do I pay with Perfect Money?

Here are the details you will need to make a payment with Perfect Money. Once the payment has been made please email us with your Perfect Money details including account number; date, transaction batch number and the exact amount paid and we will email you the license key directly. U Amount: What is your refund policy? The guarantee is only available on your initial purchase and not any subsequent purchases.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

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