FastPokeMap Alternatives For Pokemon GO Gen1+Gen2 [Scanners & Trackers]

Helping you save your precious time, efforts, and energy that would have otherwise been wasted on randomly wandering around the locality. All you got to do is click once on the map and the FPM Trackers will perform a thorough scan around the particular area and then reveal the position of the Pokemon in the highlighted radius. The noticeable point here is that this tracker does not only give you the location but also general information about how it looks, a name of the Pokemon and its estimated expiry time.
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FastPokeMap 1.0.2 for Android

Pokemesh 1. PokeWhere Radar App: What this app does, is to show you the precise locations of Pokemon around you and when they appear in the Pokemon GO game. For this reason, you can use it to track the rarest Pokemon in real-time irrespective of your location. Download Pokewhere 2. Pokealert app as an alternative to fastpokemap. This is made possible by automatically allocating a fixed area to a particular Pokemon account and then scanning the given account for another Pokemon within this area.

Although you can use this app to scan any part of the world, some limitations have been put in place and as such, scanning some locations intensely can lead to the ban of your PTC account. Read Also: Pokemap live: The Pokemap version 1. It has a user-friendly interface with reliable search options to ensure it is very efficient in its operation. With the help of this app, the scanning and tracking of Pokemon which wouldn’t have been visible in the official game are done in real-time.

The best part is that you are not required to login into your Pokemon account before using it even though you can still log in to access more features. Easily installed without rooting the device first, this app can be used on higher Android OS version such as the Marshmallow. But not to fret, your phone needs to have at least Android 4. Download Pokemap live 1. Similar to Pokevision, you get to see the exact locations, PokeStops, and gyms with blue and yellow dots.

In this app, a Pokemon found is represented by an icon, shape, and name as well as the time left in that location. Moreover, you can set alarms to notify you when an animal you have chosen to see appears in your map. Download Pokemesh from Uptodown How to Install Third-Party Apps on Android Downloading each of these is not enough to help you begin your quest for tracking Pokemon in your area, you need to enable installation of third-party apps from unknown sources on your Android smartphone.

To do this: Navigate to your device’s Settings Goto the section, ‘Security’ Tick the checkbox ‘Unknown sources’ It’s as easy as that. After enabling this feature which will allow you to install third-party apps on your Android smartphone, you can go ahead and load the APK files of these Pokemon trackers for Pokemon Go you’ve downloaded. These are the best alternatives to the Fastpokemap APK or iOS app which can be used by Pokemon hunters who are always in a search for the nearest Pokemon in their area.

If you really want to enjoy this location-based augmented reality game, then it’s just one way to begin. Although each of these secondary trackers can meet the basic requirement of helping find a Pokemon, each is unique in its own mode of operation, hence, the choice of which you settle for is left for you. Posted by.

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Pokemon Go is a wonderful game which was created by Niantic, based on the anime series Pokemon. The Pokemon are the wild beast but cute having their special power of nature. And accordingly, the powers of the Pokemon attracts many Pokemon trainers in reel as well as real life. With only the Game app, you cannot track the Pokemon in your area so using the FastPokeMap, you will get all the trace of Pokemon which will help you to find quickly. FastPokemap will track the real-time Pokemon hiding near you, as they are provided with the map which will display all the Pokemon living in your Area.

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Fastpokemap SE apk App Download: This most important app for who playing Pokemon go game. Most of the people getting struggle and wasting their time. So, the app has been down for a week now and we owe you a little explanation: for PokeDetector James Either Or you can use website. This app needs permission to access: Broadcast sticky intents; Open network sockets. See all Application Permissions. Developer info.

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