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We do the hard work so that you don’t have to Shares Microsoft Office We’re bringing together all the direct links to download official, genuine copies of a range of different versions of Microsoft’s Office business suite. Refrain from using unofficial links as they may be honeypots to infect you will malware. We’ve rechecked all the links as of the time of publishing this update to ensure that they’re fully working. However, before you proceed, bear the following points in mind: Read more:
free microsoft office offline

How to Download Microsoft Office Offline / Online Installer Legally

Whether it was Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, those programs basically dominated your school and work life. Today, while there are many alternatives, these programs continue to dominate. However, buying and upgrading these programs has always been a financial struggle for new and small businesses. In this video Eric Spellmann shows you how to use these programs for free.

Transcript Note from Eric: Below, you will find a word-for-word transcript of this video. I provide this as an aid for the hearing-impaired and for those who might just want to read it rather than watch the video. This conversational style is not reflective of how I write. Be nice! Spreadsheets, Word Processors and Presentation Software. A lot of us grew up on Microsoft Word, but when you start a small business or even some at medium sized businesses sometimes cringe at the thought of having to spend that some of money at essential software.

The reason certain aspects of Microsoft Office are totally free is because Google and Microsoft are involved in a huge battle.

Now, just for you to know, I use Google Apps. Microsoft is competing now with Google Apps with something called Office It is their new version of office. Because all software, just so you know, all software is moving to the cloud, which means we are moving away from a time when you will take a DVD or a CD and install software directly on to your computer.

With Microsoft, you can now use the online versions for free. You simply go to office. Get a Microsoft account. You can use your existing email address to create a free account at office. Now keep in mind, the free versions are only the online versions. They throw in a couple of other things like OneDrive, which is simply a place to store your documents.

So they just kind of throw that in for free. But, these are free for you to use. Keep in mind that with these versions your documents are stored in the cloud, automatically by default in this One Drive account. But for the default they are stored in the cloud which is kind of cool because it gives you access using your other devices to these same documents. There are also offline versions.

So, what do you do about those? And are any of those completely and totally free? Offline meaning the old kind, the kind that you install on your computer. Well, first question I have for you are you a student? A lot of times you can access, get to download an offline version at little or no cost. So if you have an email address tied to your school on that office. And you can click there and you will be sent to a page that discounts the software so that you can download it or lets you download it totally for free!

The programs in the offline versions are recently, completely and totally free. Like I said, this fight is getting really vicious. You can also get an Office subscription. And you want the downloadable versions of these. But some people want the offline version. And so if you want that, believe it or not the pricing is not that bad. But that gives you up to 5 accounts, one for every member of your family. They have their own individual login account, but it can also be installed on all those computers as well.

And in the office one, you can install it to 2 other computers besides your own, say at home. So if you have an office subscription, it does legally allow you to install it at home as well. There are PC alternatives to Microsoft Office. And when I say that, people who have built software with something attached to it like open source or free etc that you can download and install and access and save and use Microsoft Office Documents.

And recently I found my favorite hands down. You can go to wps. Used to be called Kings Soft before that. Documents that were created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel translate almost perfectly into this. This is something you can download and install. It is better than the 2 leaders in this area. Libre Office and Open Office, which are also versions that have been around for a while. It does load a lot faster, believe it or not than Microsoft Office!

It is truly compatible. I love it. Well basically the only catch is that if you want to use Macros, then they have a paid version you can get.

Every option on there, use it, play with it, it works perfectly.

Excel Online

Here are all the ways to access Microsoft Word and almost all of them are free. Word Mobile Platforms: Windows 8, 10 Price: But, Word Viewer was retired a few years back. What you have instead is the new Word Mobile. Word Mobile can be installed on any Windows laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.

VIDEO: Use the Office offline installer

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