Top 30 Free Movie Apps for Android Device

For when your smartphone screen just isn’t big enough for an epic movie Shares Why watch on your smartphone when the big screen is just in front of you? Many of us now rip and store our favourite videos and movies on computer storage rather than just buying up more DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Whether we’re storing them on a desktop computer or network-attached storage NAS device, we’re increasingly creating vast video libraries that are sitting connected to our home Wi-Fi networks. The conventional way of getting your video library onto your big-screen TV typically involves a network media player, which can hunt around your network, locate your storage, find the movie library and in some cases, even catalogue everything for you. But there’s an easier way to stream movies to your TV using your smartphone:
free movie website for android phones

Stream movies to your TV from your Android smartphone

As we all know that android is becoming smarter and many of the developers are coming up with the best android applications around the world. If you are travelling somewhere so entertainment is the only thing which will make you feel better and good.

Some of the application from which you can stream movies and There are several applications available on play store and some of the application are not available on play store. Some of the application which is not available on play store you will find it here on our site Androidstricks.

When you are bored. We will mention some applications which will help you out to stream movies and that too in super fast speed. With some applications, you can also view television series such as Flash, legends of tomorrow and much more.

We will be providing official links from which you can download those applications. Or else we will be providing drive links for super fast download. I have personally tested those applications in Nexus 5 running on 6. Working absolutely fine. Showbox It is one of the best and superb application available. This is one of my favourite application. Because you can stream movies, television series and all those are available on Showbox application. This application is not available on play store.

But you can download this application from the official link given below. This application is been used by millions of peoples around the world and you can also be a part of this application. By downloading this application one can simply stream any movies and television shows. Download for PC and laptop using blue stacks. You can also download the movies and TV shows. Which is really fantastic. Download 2. Crackle This is another application it stands on the second list. Just because crackle is not having a download button Which is one of the disadvantages of the application.

But you can stream online movies with the help of this application. This application is available on play store. Another disadvantage of this application is that you cannot download the application if you are from India. You can try this application on your Android simply downloading from play store. This application is also available on iPhone and another operating system. This makes this application perfect, because of cross platform. Download 3.

Viewster This application is really amazing a lot. This is searched by most of European and the second thing is that if you are interested in anime then this application is fantastic. Secondly, this application focuses on Genuine content. If you want to stream any movies then just open the application and you will find some of the best content. Which you will love it a lot. Even Chromecast is supported so that you can view content in widescreen.

Download 4. Some of them collect the movies and save it somewhere and some of them are excited in the software. There are several links available so that you can download it.

So you can easily download those applications and enjoy the latest updates of the application. Flips TV: With all these functionalities you can also watch some amazing short clips videos which are really amazing. If you interested in this app you can download this application from the download link given below.

Official available on play store so that you can enjoy the latest update of the application. Download 6. Just because this application is superb and having an amazing rating on Play Store.

Which makes this application superb. If this application is having 4. You can try this application to view 40, other titles which will be available and you can view those content.

In your Android device. Download 7. Free Movies This application is another application in which you can view the movies on your Android device. This application allows users to view any movies in their Android Device. Let the category be anything. It can be sci-fi, horror or any kind of movies you will enjoy watching them. Secondly, when you will open this application there is a confusing user interface and it uses your phone browser which is something disappointed.

Download 8. BigStar Movies This application is having movies such as award winning and documentary films. This application is available on play store and the size of the application is too low which is great for any application. Download 9. CinemaBox CinemaBox is one of the best free movie apps for android to stream free movies on your android phone. This popular is really great but the reason that this android app is not that much popular is that it is not available in the play store yet.

But, you can this movie app in your android phone using the APK which we are providing below. Moreover, if you want to watch movies on bigger screen, then you can download this app on ChromeCast as well as it is supported on it. Download It allows you to watch free movies on your android phone without any fees.

Again, this app is not available in the play store as well. You need to download MegaBox HD apk in order to install this movie app in your android phone. So for what you are waiting now?

Download this android app and enjoy free movies on your android phone. It is very light weight APK and is not going to take much storage of your android phone. All you need is a high speed internet connection to enjoy cartoons and movies on this android app. To watch any movie on this android app, simply open this android app. Select any movie which you want to stream and hit play button.

Download Conclusion: This article was about Top 8 Movie Streaming Apps. If you love this article click on share button. You can give us the comment below and share your review about your favourite application. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more applications.

1. Showbox | Best Movie App For Android

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The best solution is download free movie streaming App on your Smartphone. This is the main reason behind writing this article where we are. Cinema HD is an Android APK file that has a lot of Movies to watch. APK file will frequently be updated to ensure the security issues, unlimited streaming, and error-free Movies/TV Shows links. Find the APK file on your Android mobiles. Are you looking for the free movies apps for Android to stream films? Then this guide will let you watch movies on the Android phone.

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