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When I enter in my login username and pass, I get an error message, saying that it can’t download due to error. I suspect that Freemake is trying to get all its users to download the newest version, which is loaded with spyware and adware.

I checked out that new download briefly, until I saw how corrupt it was. I think it’s a ploy by them, but it’s backfiring. I won’t download that new version. Interesting theory. I didn’t get any adware nor the usual prompt under custom install.

Spyware may be another matter. Do you think they could be so evil? They put out a lot of free utilities that work for most purposes. It’s true that under Custom Installation you can avoid the adware, spyware, browser extensions, toolbar, etc So they’re not innocent and evil may be too strong a word, but they’re not ethical. Second, I’m revising my answer slightly. The newer ‘free’ versions all have limitations on download length 3: It’s a ploy to lure you in, and then get you to spend money by putting restrictions on features that were once all free.

Those days are gone, my friend. Freemake is going to have to change their name and remove the word ‘Free’, cuz’ it ain’t no more. That’s the bottom line. That phony YouTube login is another ploy to get you to upgrade to the paid version.

I use Version 4. This is the old, totally free version they don’t want you using any more. They do have a paid version, but you won’t need it because their free version does almost everything Freemake used to do. It’s called 4K Video Downloader. The down side is that you can’t convert to to audio for some reason. I download the video I want to my hard drive using 4K, then go back in to Freemake and upload that same video from my hard drive, and convert it to audio.

It’s a wraparound shortcut on the new restrictions being put in place to make it more difficult to download videos and audio from YT, without paying for a Full version. That may not be the answer you want, but I did provide you with a solution that’s still free. Here’s the 4K download link: After all, Freemake, as a company, cannot survive if it doesn’t charge for their products.

All free applications, as you pointed out, include adware, malware in them. In this case, you wouldn’t need to download a video beforehand and only then convert it to mp3 on your own.

This is a gray area — many YouTube downloaders are simply dangerous to install. Who knows maybe I’ll have to pay for my computer’s repairment works afterwards.

And it has no adware. I’m also not worried about my computer’s safety and I can download YouTube videos or audio directly to my computer or even iPhone or iPod without iTunes. So in the end it is a win-win. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

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Therefore, among the below listed free video downloaders, some feature video capturing, some feature format conversion, some highlight in 4K 8K UHD, and some are good at browser integration. Roughly ranked by popularity and ratings on softonic. Find your favorite Freemake video downloader alterntives here with us now. Freemake Video Downloader Alternative 1: With over online video sites support , 5KPlayer can save unlimited online videos within a blink of eye via its horse powered download module. Freemake Video Downloader Alternative 2:

VIDEO: Top 5 Best Free Freemake Video Downloader Alternatives

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