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Here is a free version of AnyTrans for Cloud that you can manage your all cloud drives and you can have access to each individual accounts with just a few clicks. Step 1. You can share your files for modification with your friends and co-workers or you can share files to view other people. AnyTrans Cloud Manager AnyTrans for Cloud Key Features Manage files folders across multiple clouds at one place — Without switching cloud apps or accounts back and forth, you just one login to access and manage all cloud accounts whether from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
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We reviewed it in good detail for you to read, check it out. However, it adds a ton of features including a really powerful app manager, file manager, iCloud data explorer, a way to easily transfer files between your iPhone and computer vice-versa and between two connected iDevices. Sponsored Links We reviewed it in detail and then broke up our observation in several categories. Keep heading south to know everything about iMobie AnyTrans.

Apple has continuously revised the interface on iTunes to make it simpler, minimalistic and easier to use. While it has got many aspects of the interface right, the moment you look at AnyTrans, you realize that this is the way iTunes should have been.

Sponsored Links AnyTrans features a really cool, minimalist interface — something that makes it super easy to sync, to transfer files between devices, to manage apps and backups and data, etc. The first rule of thumb is to make things easy to find, and AnyTrans has nailed it. It also prevents duplication and constant re-sync in order to copy files to your iOS device. In that sense, it considers your iPhone as a physical drive but works just fine with the sync.

What is even more interesting is that if you want to transfer media between two iOS devices, AnyTrans will do that too.

App and File Management The other feature of AnyTrans that I like very much because I rely on things like iFile a lot to clear out the cache is the built-in app manager. Not only can you find out details about apps installed on your iDevice, but you can also browse through the file system. There are very few good-quality file managers for the iPhone iExplorer, iFunbox and AnyTrans counts itself among them.

And rightly so. Sponsored Links As an added benefit of this capability, AnyTrans will let you use your iPhone as a storage device. That is where software like AnyTrans comes into play. AnyTrans will let you not only manage backups restore, make, etc. Sponsored Links You can access parts of the backup just so that you can grab the text messages, or say, Notes, or app-related files, etc.

With this feature, you can also selectively backup some text messages or only specific apps to the iPhone. Selective backup restore is something that you get only with apps like iBackupBot or, a better solution, AnyTrans.

This is a slightly different interface from the one you see on iCloud. Overall, AnyTrans is one heck of a software that can effectively replace iTunes if you start working with it.

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Comment Your iPhone and iPad can store a tremendous amount of information, from music and photos, to notes, messages and internet browsing history. Keeping on top of it all, and wading through the masses of files can be tricky when you want to find something specific. Here are 6 reasons why you should download it: All your messages, photos, videos, contacts, music, wallpapers and more can be easily migrated to your new iDevice with the click of a button. AnyTrans can also be used to transfer content from your old iPhone to your new one , perfect for when the new iPhone models are released in a few weeks time.

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Doesn’t work properly for me on the Windows version. . Anytrans Uninstall does leave a couple of folders with little content on PC (used. AnyTrans can do that and everything else that iTunes has to offer. Let’s dive It’s a software that works in similar ways to iTunes, only its better!. Compare the free Syncios to iMobie AnyTrans in this review. If you do not have a good answer, you need to learn more about iOS managers. No worries, let’s.

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