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how to remove watermark from wondershare filmora

Remove Watermark

Creating tutorial videos is one of the best ways to showcase more complicated photography techniques, and high-quality video editing is an essential element for making the learning process as smooth as possible. I also have extensive experience working with all types of PC software from small open source programs to industry standard software suites, so I can easily recognize a well-designed, high-quality program.

I have not received any kind of compensation or consideration from Wondershare to write this Filmora review, and they have no editorial or content input of any kind. What Is Filmora Filmora is a simple yet powerful video editor available for Mac and PC, aimed at the enthusiast and prosumer markets.

The program has been around for quite a while, reaching version 8. It was originally released as Wondershare Video Editor, but after version 5. The Mac version also passed scans from Drive Genius. Is Filmora Free or Paid? Filmora is not free software, but offers a full-featured free trial of the software with only one usage restriction: There are two main purchasing options: These licenses are only valid for a single computer, but multi-seat licenses are also available on a sliding scale depending on the number of copies you want to use simultaneously.

Removing the watermark on exported videos is extremely easy, and only requires that you purchase a license key for the software. Once your registration is complete, you simply enter your license code, and the watermark will be removed on any videos you export in the future.

A Review of Filmora: The screenshots I used for this article were taken from the Windows version, but JP was testing the Mac version at the same time and included some comparison screenshots to show the differences in the user interface. Editing Interface The simplicity of its user interface is one of its most appealing features.

The only downsides to the interface are a couple of small but surprising ones that affect the track manager, where you add or remove tracks from your video timeline. Media Importing Filmora supports an impressive number of file formats as media sources, and importing from files from your hard drive into the Filmora media library is a snap. Unfortunately, the software starts to run into problems when you use the other methods of importing media.

Importing from social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Flickr should be a fast and easy way to get your existing videos and images into the program, but the process was too bugged to work for me at all beyond the sign-in phase, as you can see below.

Eventually, Filmora was able to begin retrieving my media from Facebook, but crashed completely while creating the list of thumbnails. Flickr and Instagram media importing never made it past the stage shown above. This may be due to a large number of photos in my account, but I cannot be sure as the only crash information was found in highly technical log files.

They replied to me after about 12 hours, but they simply requested that I update to the latest version which I was already using , and to send them the log files and an accompanying screenshot. This makes it more or less impossible to find the right images and videos to import into Filmora, or at the very least time-consuming and frustrating.

Screen Recording For those of you making on-screen software tutorial videos, this feature is going to be a major productivity booster. Instead of having to use a separate screen capture app to record your instructions, Filmora offers a built-in screen recording feature complete with audio, mouse click tracking and varying quality options. Video Effect Presets Filmora includes a number of different free preset elements that you can include in your movies, and some of them are quite good.

There are titles, credits sequences and lower third overlays as well as a range of filters, emojis and other elements that can be added to your movie with just a few clicks. Many of the presets can be fully customized and saved for later use, although some presets only allow you to customize certain parts of them such as fonts or masking.

Encoding and Exporting There are a lot of different ways of encoding digital video, and Filmora can encode your videos in almost all of them. Some social media sites limit the file size of uploaded videos, so this will save you from spending hours encoding a 4K video that turns out to be over the limit. The export process is easy to use and relatively fast, despite the fact that my graphics card was not supported by the program which prevented me from using the optional GPU acceleration feature Source: Wondershare support.

One of the more useful export features of Filmora is the ability to export videos directly to Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook, which is another great productivity booster for aspiring viral video stars.

You also have the ability to burn DVDs directly from the program, although there is no support for Blu-Ray discs despite the fact that the program is perfectly capable of outputting HD and 4K videos, neither of which are compatible with DVDs. Extra Editing Modes For those of you looking for a more streamlined editing process, Filmora has a couple of extra modes that you can select when the program starts: These are all designed to do specific jobs, and they are all quite easy to use.

Easy mode, as you might expect, is an extremely streamlined video creator intended for making animated slide shows or quickly combining several clips while automatically adding music, overlays and transitions between clips. Instant Cutter and the Action Cam Tool are far more useful, but they really should be integrated into the main program instead of acting as standalone programs.

They allow you to manipulate and merge individual video clips with customized speed settings, freeze frames, and image stabilization. For most users looking for a video editing program, Filmora will handle anything you can throw at it with ease, streamline your creation process and look good while doing it. There are other video editors on the market that cost slightly more but provide a little more value for your dollar.

Ease of Use: Confusingly, some of the support links within the program itself point to previous versions of the software, which can make it difficult to get the right answers to your questions. If you find yourself in that spot, like I did when trying to set up social media importing, your only solution is to open a support ticket with the developers and wait for them to get back to you.

We also reviewed Camtasia here. You can learn more from our Premiere Elements review. Cyberlink PowerDirector The Ultimate version of PowerDirector is priced competitively, and includes a much larger range of effects that can be used in your videos.

That power comes at the cost of user experience, which means the learning curve is much steeper. We also have a detailed review of PowerDirector here. The latest version does require El Capitan, however, so check your macOS version before installing. Conclusion Wondershare Filmora is a powerful video editing program that is perfect for users who want to focus on their creativity instead of getting stuck on the technical side of video production.

Its careful balance of an easy-to-use interface and professional features make it good value for beginner and intermediate content creators, but more experienced users will want a solution that offers a bit more control and customization in the editing process.

Filmora Video Editor v9.1

How to trim a video? It is important to note that Wondershare Filmora video editor has the ability to make your movie look more professional in just a few minutes. Trimming your video should take a few minute; here is how. Step 1: Firstly, you need to run Wondershare Filmora video editor and after doing this, you need to drag your movies to the program.

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Filmora Wondershare registration will fail to remove watermark from. Yes, of course. You don’t need to buy any software or any activation key package. You can surely remove Filmora watermark for FREE. Just try the following. A pretty powerful video editor application, which will not stamp a watermark or place a time limit on your clip. With FilmoraGo, making video with music and.

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