4 Most Efficient Ways to Fix iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

More Tell you a piece of good news: Yes there is! It is an iOS system repair tool which can fix all iOS issues including frozen, iPhone black screen , disabled, blue screen, reboot loop, Apple logo, white screen and so on. Connect your iPhone to PC or Mac, and this software will detect your device if it needs to be repaired. A simple but clear guide will direct you to fix your iPod system from abnormal to normal.
ipod stuck in restore loop

Unable to restore Ipod Touch 4G

Secure Download Step 1: To begin the process, download the software on your system from its official site. After installing the software, run it and then, connect your iPod to the system using a digital cable. And then, choose “Repair Operating System” module from its main interface. Step 2: After that, click on “Start Repair” button when you move to the next screen of the software and then, the software will suggest you to download a suitable firmware package for your iPod.

Thus, click on the “Download” button. Step 3: Once you download the firmware package, click on “Repair Now” button and it will begin the repair process. Step 4: Next, wait for a few minutes until the repair process is not completed. Once it is finished, your iPod will restart automatically and it will be in the normal state as before. Part 2: There are also some common ways to fix iPod stuck on Apple logo if you do not want to use third-party software.

You’d better backup your iPod because data could be lost by using these methods. Way 1: Hard Reset iPod The first and simplest common way to fix the problem you are facing now is force resetting your iPod.

Perform a hard reset will refresh iOS system and fix some common system problems. Way 2: You can put your iPod in recovery mode and then, restore it using iTunes. Below are the instructions on how you can do it: Step 1: To begin the process, switch off your iPod and then, connect your iPod to the computer using a digital cable where you have installed iTunes.

When you are connecting your iPod to computer, press and hold down the home button until you don’t see the iTunes connect icon on your iPod screen.

Once iTunes able to detect your iPod, it will ask you to restore your iPod to factory settings. Thus, tap on “Restore” button. This method may help you to fix the problem on your iPod, but it will result in the data loss. Conclusion As you have seen in this post, the ultimate way to fix iPod stuck on Apple logo is Tenorshare ReiBoot as it will not result in the data loss, unlike iTunes. It is virus-free, spy-free and malware free software you can try and see yourself how amazing it is to fix the various iOS issues in a few minutes.

2. Use a Free Tool to Exit iPad Recovery Mode with One Click

The iPhone was bought in less than half year, it should have worked for at least another year. Hence, I would rather have a try all by myself than leave the iPhone lying in the drawer. I have been searching the solutions of fixing iPhone stuck at Apple logo in the whole past week, and I finally got my iPhone out of Apple logo reboot loop without restoring or any data loss. Usually there are at least 6 situations that lead an iPad, iPhone or iPod stuck on Apple logo: In Situation 5, you may need to try to disable or even uninstall the antivirus software, use another USB cable or USB port respectively to let the update or restore work properly so as to get the iPod, iPad and iPhone stuck on Apple screen out of reboot loop. In the tutorial, the following 5 methods to fix iPod, iPhone and iPad stuck on Apple screen only work for devices that have software issues instead of hardware problems, just as mentioned in Situation 1 to Situation 4. The 5 ways of getting iPod, iPhone and iPad frozen on apple logo out of reboot loop works for almost all the iPod, iPhone and iPad models.

VIDEO: [Solved] iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode When Upgrading

You must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes.” . i was stuck in the restore loop — over and over and over again — so what did i. I tried restoring with iTunes on my mac, and it gets stuck at the preparing ipod for restore stage, only to give me error (which is supposed. Trying to upgrade from WD 6 to I put my iPod into pwned DFU mode, and used shift-restore in iTunes to try restoring. It won’t take AN.

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