jv16 PowerTools 2009 released

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Coupon Note: In addition to a Registry cleaner and compactor, jv16 PowerTools has other tools that will tell you all you ever wanted to know about the Registry but you probably wouldn’t use most of them. Among the tools are utilities to manage the Registry, find and replace entries, monitor Registry changes, take a snapshot, and get Registry stats. The collection contains other modules, too, including file finders and cleaners, duplicate finders, and an assortment of system management tools, such as a startup manager and a history cleaner.

jv16, good or bad?

The new and improved jv16 PowerTools is an easy-to-use Windows optimization suite and registry cleaning toolkit containing 21 different tools which allow you to keep your computer running smoothly and error-free.

With this software you can Automatically clean your Windows registry from obsolete and unneeded data. Automatically fix many kinds of registry errors, such as broken file references. Easily uninstall leftover traces of software you have thought you have already uninstalled ages ago. Detect and remove unneeded history data and MRU most recently used lists that can contain sensitive information about you.

Locate and delete unneeded files, including temp files and duplicate files. And much, much more! Great, but what does it do for me? Your computer will begin to perform better and run smoother. Your computer will start faster. You will improve your privacy and minimize the risk of sensitive data leaking to others. You will save time by having to spend less time to maintain your computer.

You will save money by not having to buy numerous different maintenance programs. What’s New: Included a brand new user interface to the entire product. Fixed three bugs from the registry cleaner engine which caused the Registry Cleaner not to list certain types of registry errors. Added support for boolean search queries, for example, you can now use search words like “foo” AND “bar” which would result only items containing both “foo” and “bar”. In order to use boolean searches, select Case insensitive wildcard search from the Search Method tab of the specific tool, e.

Registry Finder or File Finder. Added support for drag and drop search directories, now you can drag and drop the directories for example from where to search with the File Finder. Improved the startup speed of the program. Added Czech and Slovak translations.

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Download your 60 day, fully functional, free trial version of jv16 PowerTools today and see how much faster your computer can run. Comes with no bundled software, no adware, no nonsense. Using the Startup Optimizer does not remove anything from your computer. While the Startup Optimizer is enabled, all the software still start with your computer and no software is uninstalled. Since the operating system does not require this registration, the internal list may not list all the installed software. The Software Uninstaller tool checks your system for installed programs traces and lists everything for you to decide on what to add or remove.

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jv16 PowerTools is an awesome PC System Utilities Software for Windows designed to make your computer work faster and smoother, in a. Download jv16 PowerTools. Tools to help you fix, repair, optimize and tune up your computer. In my obsessive “tinkering days” I used to use jv16 PowerTools for tinkering with my registry (and, yes, I’m fully aware that messing with the.

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