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Movavi Video Suite Review

This is perhaps not too surprising since there are so many video editing packages now available for Windows that it is becoming increasingly difficult you keep track of them all. Given the intense competition in this field, the first thing I wanted to know is whether there is anything that differentiates Movavi Video Suit from its rivals? Movavi Video Suite lets you edit videos, complete with special effects and animated intros This is what the company says: Incorporate music, create text captions, apply visual effects and transitions — you can do whatever you want with your video.

In addition to the video making app, Movavi Video Suite contains a number of useful apps to help every video maker: But is that really enough to make this program stand out from the crowd? The principal application is the video editor. This gives you a few tracks arranged on the timeline — two tracks for video, two for sound. You can move, cut and copy clips and you can add transitions to fade one clip into another or apply effects such as ripples, slides, zooms and so on.

You can also add text and animations to another track. The text and font-styles can be edited in the preview window. It has a video stabilizer to remove camera shake plus a reasonably effective Chroma key green screen tool that lets you make coloured backgrounds transparent.

There are only two video tracks in the editor but, as you can see here, you can arrange multiple clips in the top video track Note that only two tracks are available for video clips. Some video suites offer dozens of video tracks; that might be useful for complex projects. But to be honest, for home and online videos, most of the time one or two video tracks will be sufficient.

For very ambitious video projects, however, the two-track limitation may be a barrier. You can apply transitions to merge one clip into another. The suite include screencasting utilities. This is a simple, straightforward and effective tool. In addition, there is also a dedicated webcam recorder which, however, has the annoying side effect of producing audio feedback a loud hooting noise if you forget to disable the PC speakers when recording.

If you need to record software, the screencast tool does a great job. You can even record video from your webcam at the same time that you record action from your computer screen Movavi Video Suite can also record sound, burn audio or video to CD, DVD or Blu-ray and create slideshows from a series of still photographs.

If you choose the full interface you are presented with the complete video editor. If you choose the simple interface, you are shown some task-specific dialogs. For example, when creating slideshows, the easy interface lets you select images, optionally add some music and then it generates the slideshow complete with animated transitions. On the plus side, however, it is really, really easy to use.

Even fairly user-friendly video editing packages such as Cyberlink PowerDirector or Corel Video Studio can be intimidatingly complex for the newcomer to video production see more video editor review HERE. The learning curve of Movavi Video Suite is much less steep than for those programs.

So, while this is definitely not a program for professional-grade production, it would be a very good choice for the non-specialist user who wants to get editing projects done quickly and easily. Posted by.

Movavi Video Suite 17 Overview

Wide list of special effects Upload videos to Facebook and Youtube Cons Should be installed and not available in online format Bottom Line The simple interface of Movavi Video Suite, as well as its intuitive and user-friendly interface, makes it an attractive tool for encoding movies, clips and videos to convert it to the particular format. Movavi Video Suite 17 Review A creator of the program is a well-known Russian company, which was founded in and currently is successfully working on the market of video and audio applications and programs. After a list of successful programs presented to the market, Movavi decided to dedicate their efforts to the program, which will organize all needed tools of multimedia organizer, including converting, editing, cutting and uploading it to the popular online platforms, like Youtube or Facebook. With simple guidelines and instructions you can easily manage your videos, clips and other products with this application.

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Store Name, Movavi Video Suite 17 – Video Making Software – Video Editor, Video Converter, Screen Capture, and more. Developer, Movavi. Publisher, Movavi. Download Movavi Video Suite 17 free setup for Windows. The Movavi Video Suite 17 is a comprehensive video making software that helps. Buy Movavi Video Suite 17 Video Editing Software Business [Download]: Read 1 Software Reviews –

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