Get the most out of this drum sampler powerhouse with Toby Pitman’s essential tips. Battery 4 is upon us. This release has seen a major overhaul for the advanced drum sampler with a new refined interface and loads of new features.
native instruments battery 4 mac

Native Instruments Battery 4 v4.1.6

Native Instruments Battery 4. Battery 2 , in 72 pads, stereo voices, 32 bits audio engine, new formats manager, 3,5 Gb library, etc. We had to wait seven years for a new version to become available as a package with Komplete 9 basic version and Ultimate and as a standalone.

Native did, however, in the interim, introduce Maschine , and several other virtual drum solutions. You can download it directly from their site via a compressed 3Gb package which, once installed, will take up 4Gb of space on your hard disk. The manual concerning kit classification as regards to style, Battery 4 Library Manual English. The first thing that surprises you is the total graphic interface redo.

Gone is the military green interface with the pink, blue and turquoise sections. Say hello to the new dominate grey and fluorescent colors for the Cell transparencies and outlines, which is not necessarily a whole lot better: Another improvement is the drag and drop feature that covers almost everything: The disappearance of the general Solo and Mute buttons poses no problem, since clicking on the top of the column or lane selects all the included Cells. The general layout has also been revised with the left hand side gaining some space by regrouping the Library, Files and Automation tabs.

If anyone out there does remember where this all started, please let us know in the forum following the test. This system is very interesting for sample search, multiple entries completely user definable and listening possibilities with loop option as well as the Information menu which is a time saver, especially when navigating through WAV files, AIFF and others. The file menu lets you navigate through the different storage areas in order to search and then import the new sounds with pre-monitoring.

The Automation tab lets you easily assign an external controller or automation from the host when using as plug-in to any function from the Battery 4: This is where Native shines even if this is not always the case with their entire product line Power to the 4th? As updates have come along, editing has increased, and this holds true with the 4th edition.

We find a tab system for page navigation. Lots of new effects: The Setup page lets you adjust all the necessary parameters, from MIDI response to voice management, Midi Delay Humanize and an articulation motor automatically assigning a sound to Rolls, Flams, Shots, etc.

Lastly the Master tab, which offers a complete filter section, another compressor Classic, Pro, Solid Bus or Side-Chain Bus Comp , a Transient Master , Saturation and a Limiter, all these available on each bus four in all and the Master Out which is completely independent.

Bravo, and thank you. Add the reverb, either algorithmic or convolution including numerous internal reverbs, plus the fact that you can import your own, re-BRAVO! Before getting to the Conclusion, here are some examples of the kits. You can also listen to the Native demos. Whether or not you want to own one or whether or not you already own another software of this type. For future owners of Komplete or its update version, Battery 4 is included in both normal and Ultimate , so be happy.

Battery 3 or previous version owners; the update costs 99 euros. You decide if you need the new effects and the numerous new kits. The Battery 4 plug-in will work fine with your present DAW.

Battery 4 is also available as a standalone application but you see the missing features right away; no incorporated sequencer. And it must be said that the competition does quite a good job in this area: Another important remark: So keep in mind that it only works on samples. But, it does it extremely well. In short, even if this tool is, without a doubt, powerful, ergonomic with great sounds, it will quickly reach the above stated limits which will have to be overcome using other equivalent software packages, not necessarily able to do everything Battery 4 does.

Catch 22? Not everyone can afford a Komplete or a Maschine.

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