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Why are the names taken?? When I first got the app, it worked really well and I loved it. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it to see if it would work, it did But it saved my projects.
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VideoPad Video Editor Free

Adding Media This tutorial will guide you through the fast and easy process of adding media to your video projects with VideoPad. The tutorial covers drag and drop, navigating to files, recording a webcam, media file bins, previewing clips, and adding clips to a sequence.

Add Media from your Phone This tutorial video will show you how to open videos, photos or audio from your phone to edit in VideoPad. You will learn how to import audio, how to record narration, and how to access the NCH Software sound effect library. Learn how to format your text, add scrolling and edit animated text properties. Use the information in this tutorial to add captions, title screens, credits and text overlays to your videos.

How to Add Subtitles This tutorial shows you how to add and edit subtitles in your video. You will also learn how to format your subtitles by editing the font, text and color. It covers clip length, in and out points, clip sequencing, splitting clips, and deleting clips. How to Increase Audio Volume This video will show you how to increase the audio volume in your video. Learn how to increase audio volume using the Normalize and the Amplify effects.

How to Remove Audio from Videos This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove audio from video clips. Learn how to unlink the audio from a video clip and delete it, as well as how to relink an audio clip to your video.

How to Remove Noise from Audio This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove noise from the audio in your VideoPad project. Learn how to remove noise from your audio using the Default Preset or by using the Remove Hum and Hiss effect. This tutorial covers how to change the start or end point of your clip. How to Crop Videos This video editing tutorial will show you how to crop a video clip. How to Split Video This video will show you how to cut or split a video clip.

This tutorial covers how to cut out a part of a clip in the sequence timeline or how to split a clip in the preview windows. How to Flip a Video This tutorial video demonstrates how to flip a video clip horizontally or vertically.

Learn how to switch to preview mode and how to apply the Place in effect to flat clips. You’ll learn how to add effects, how to edit effects and how to save the effects in your project. How to Add a Zoom Effect This tutorial video will show you how to add a zoom effect to a video clip.

This tutorial also covers how to add a zoom anmation to a clip. This makes it easy to apply the Ken Burns Effect. You will learn how to adjust and preview the effect before applying it to your video clip.

Adding Transitions In this tutorial you’ll learn about using transitions in VideoPad. This video will teach you how to add transitions, how to preview them, and how to edit transitions. Using the Animation Editor This tutorial shows you how to use the animation editor to animate effect parameters in your video. Learn how to view a parameters’s animation line, use the parameter menu and add keyframes.

Learn to plan the location and duration of your watermark and use effects to make adjustments to its appearance. How to Blur Part of a Video This tutorial will show you how to add a blur effect to a video clip. It will demonstrate how to apply the blur effect to only part of a clip as well as how to adjust and animate the blur effect in your video clip.

Taking a Snapshot This tutorial video will show you how to take a snapshot of a video and add it to the timeline. Saving and Exporting Your Movie This tutorial shows you how to save your VideoPad file project to work on later and how to export your finished movie to the desired location and format. Learn how to export using presets for different portable devices, to burn to Blu-ray or DVD, export as a sequence of images, export to social media platforms, or export using the Export Wizard.

It will also demonstrate how to change the default encoding settings and adjust the resolution and frame rate. Learn how to manage multiple export tasks and run them in the background while you edit. Like what you see? VideoPad Video Editing Software is perfect for remastering all the video clips you’ve been recording on your camcorder. Whether you want to make a video montage of your family’s summer road trip, compile a video resume, or assemble the production of your dramatic masterpiece, creating movies has never been easier.

What Is VideoPad?

This is an overview of how to use VideoPad to create a video project from your videos. As well as this help page, there is also a video tutorial available. Adding and Removing Clips Start your project by adding files to the media list area. Each file you add to VideoPad is considered to be a “clip”. Browse to your video files, select the files you wish to use and click “Open”.

VIDEO: VideoPad Video Editor 6.01

VideoPad Video Editor Software Professional Masters Edition Edit and add effects to your movies VideoPad makes editing videos easy. This full featured video. VideoPad by NCH Software is a basic video editing program that has many of the tools and features we looked for in this category, though it. The award-winning VideoPad video editing software has all the features you need to make a quality movie. Easily edit videos, add effects/audio and share with.

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