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NTLite 1. It is a very powerful application which has various features. You can make changes to Windows which are working on your computer, and you do not need to install this edited windows.
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Shares Simply want a fast way to reinstall updates post-install? Much of this work — slipstreaming Service Packs, reinstalling drivers and getting your PC back up to date — is repetitive and annoying. That’s why you want to pay close attention to this feature, because we’re going to arm you with the tools you need to chop hours off the time of future reinstalls.

Core tools 1. RT Se7en Lite is the tool you need: You can also slipstream Service Pack 1 – get the full MB package — into your Vista install disc, but sadly it doesn’t work with SP2.

Use it to slipstream SP3, integrate post-SP3 updates see below , add additional components and programs, configure an unattended setup and then — after you’ve investigated DriverPacks below — burn your perfect disc. Just tick the boxes, let it download and compile the disc. After reinstalling Windows, pop the disc in the drive and double-click UpdateInstaller. Post-reinstall, you can restore the lot in one go. Drivers, updates and tools 6. DriverPacks Slipstreaming drivers into your customised installation disc is easy thanks to DriverPacks: Both XP and Vista users are catered, with Windows 7 to follow soon.

Windows Updates Downloader Simplify the task of integrating updates and key Windows technologies into your customised installation disc by using Windows Updates Downloader. It uses scripts for different versions of Windows — Vista and XP are covered at the main site, but Windows 7 users should get for the latest scripts — free registration is required to download them.

Silent installers The only way to slipstream applications into your disc using vLite or Se7en Lite is by configuring unattended program installations. It’s not an easy subject: The only major omissions are the. NET Frameworks — get versions 1. Vistalizator Who says you need the Ultimate version of Vista or Windows 7 to switch installed languages?

Vistalizator extends this functionality to lesser versions too. The link above reveals how you can incorporate Vistalizator’s functionality into your installation disc to save you the bother of setting it up on each subsequent reinstall.

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This is an outstanding tool that allows you to edit Windows installation images either offline or online. It has the ability to reduce footprints by optionally removing Windows components. This application simplifies your installation and provides you rid from complexity. It also has the ability to reduce attack vectors and free up drive space for performing maximum tasks. In addition, this software allows you to modify already installed Windows without re-installation. After optimizing the OS, you can get a new experience of the customized Windows in a great way.

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Ntlite Keygen Torrent. 1/31/ NTLite Full Crack INCL Keygen. NTLite License Key will show to be powerful, but easy to use and includes a. NTLite Build NTLite is an all-in-one Windows customization tool that offers a robust set of options for modifying and removing unnecessary components from the standard distribution of Windows. NTLite will also allow you to create a bootable ISO from any image as long as. NTLite Free bit is an app for Windows administrators that allows you to edit Windows installation images, either ‘offline’ or ‘live’. The ‘live’ edit mode is a.

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