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You are here: It seemed like a great opportunity to test the updated tool out. It requires that the. NET Framework 4. With those basic requirements met, you can download OffCAT 2.
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Office Configuration Analyzer Tool: Analyze & identify Office program problems

You are here: It seemed like a great opportunity to test the updated tool out. It requires that the. NET Framework 4. With those basic requirements met, you can download OffCAT 2. You may also review previous scans and view options or advanced tools available.

The client I was investigating was having certain errors pop up about Outlook being unable to stay connected to Office While no other clients were reporting the issue at the time, it seemed like it might be a client-side issue.

I started with the standard troubleshooting of creating a new profile in Outlook and trying a repair of Outlook. After neither of those solved the issue, I turned to OffCAT for more information about what might be wrong with the installation.

I installed and ran OffCat, selecting to scan Outlook for any issues. OffCAT found two critical errors and some other warnings of things to investigate. The errors were a little difficult to follow-up on. While one provided a simple link to download the missing update, the other had a hotfix available which required providing an email address and downloading from an emailed URL.

Upon trying to run the update, it told me it was already installed and on running the hotfix it errored out saying that there was no applicable product to update. That led me to investigate if there was an issue with the integration of Skype for Business since it still thought Lync should be installed. As the user does not use Skype for Business, I did not reinstall it. Upon launching the previously problematic Outlook, it was significantly faster at running and did not have the slow-down when using the application.

OffCAT has a command-line version that can be run and used in scripts to check entire networks worth of computers.

OffCAT is designed for troubleshooting particular issues with Office misconfigurations. It might not fare too well with the ambiguous issues like the one this client presented me with but it provides some additional information that might help out with your diagnoses.

Background and Purpose

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