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Adobe Photoshop CC supports all kinds of graphic file formats as well as a variety of 3D graphics and video formats. Features of Adobe Photoshop CC Built-in templates for web etc.
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11 Photoshop plugins every designer must install

Photoshop plugins were introduced by Adobe in Since then thousands of compatible plugins have popped up. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. Most of the free plugins were created with the Adobe Filter factory. Some of these plugins have not been updated since ! There are also many third party plugin providers who have written some excellent plugins. This list contains the best free Photoshop plugins for: Big Bundles These packs can help beginners enhance their abilities.

Pros can use them to speed up the design process. The plugin bundles below contain tools for a wide range of different uses.

This pack has tools designed to help you edit images with filters, color adjustments, and smart sharpening. With this bundle, you can manipulate your images like a pro. Google Nik 2. You get a pack of 10 free photo effects that serve a wide variety of purposes. It includes effects for brushes, lighting, focal zoom, borders, and more. Web Design Web designers use Photoshop for a variety of reasons. Many times it is necessary to automate tasks such as setting up grids or finding icons.

The plugins below can help when it comes to creating mock-ups, preparing images, or creating design templates. Lorem Ipsum Generator This is a good one for creating mockups for your webpages. No more copy-pasting the Lorum Ipsum script to see how your text looks on the page. This free plugin does it instantly. GuideGuide Setting up guides is a hassle, especially complex grids. One of the coolest features of this plugin is that you can instantly create guidelines by making a selection.

Use the ready-made templates or create your own custom guides and save them for later. Gridify Gridify is another free plugin for creating guides and grids. This one does the same thing as GuideGuide but it has a different feel. The download website features helpful video tutorial on using Gridify and easy instructions for installation. Flat Icon This free plugin gives you access to over 40, vector shapes. Flat Icon adds a panel that allows you to search for any icon you could ask for.

Get the exact size, color, and font details of your design element with a single click. Those with more advanced skills can use them to avoid all the grunt work to focus more on design. Pixel Bender Pixel Bender gives you the power to automate a wide range of different operations in Photoshop. Developers can use it to create custom filters and effects for image and video in a simple programming language.

Pixel Squid Pixel Squid allows you to browse through thousands of realistic 3D objects that you can edit and customize any way you want. Choose an object, find the angle you want and download it.

It helps you create seamless photo-real compositions. You can get all sorts of tools to adjust colors and create impressive effects. Dramatic Sepia Want to switch up the mood of an image? This plugin will do it. It is useful for adding warmth to black and white photos. This way you achieve much more subtle effects that if you were to use Vibrance introduced in CS4.

Retouching It takes some finesse to get your images pixel perfect. Below we have a few helpful plugins for retouching your photos. Detail Create sharp, crisp images that have that wow factor. Focus and sharpness stand out right away when you look at photos. Detail gives your images crystal clear sharpness and depth. Ximagic This denoiser toolbox provides you with seven different ways to reduce noise. This is helpful because the method of noise reduction you choose depends on the image.

Colors Color is the spice of life. There are an infinite number of ways you can manipulate the colors of your images. This section is full of plugins to do some amazing things with colors.

Adobe Capture CC Capture inspiration anywhere with this addicting mobile app and connect it to Photoshop. Take a picture of anything with your mobile device. Then you can extract colors, create brush patterns, or turn shapes into vector graphics. This one is a lot of fun. AmphiSoft Photo Tinter This image editing filter allows you to extract tone profiles from black and white toned images. Melancholytron Give your images that old-timey, melancholy feel. You get lots of options to change the feel and color of your photos.

Check this one out if you are looking to add a subtle bit of nostalgia to your photos. Coolorus Mixer Colorus 2 Save precious time and get better colors. This color wheel is inspired by the Corel Painter color picker.

Free trial. Colorotate Colorotate is an iPad app that replaces the standard Photoshop color picker with a 3D color picker. It makes creating complex color palettes easy.

This one was created by IDEA, a non-profit organization promoting scientific and artistic literacy. Selection, Sizing, and Workflow Sizing, resizing, and preparing images to work on is often repetitive and time consuming. These plugins give you a pain-free way to go about it. There are also a couple excellent plugins to help manage your workflow.

Pixel to Vector This is the only free Photoshop plugin we know of that converts pixel shapes into vector shapes. It helps you turn shapes into isometric icons in order to create 3D charts and icons much faster than the old fashioned way.

Transform Each This is a huge time saver. You can select and resize multiple images quickly and easily by scale. Get a precise resize and preview without having to eyeball it.

Plug-in Switch There are thousands of useful plugins available. Perhaps you are a plugin hoarder and your collection is getting out of hand, or maybe you have just collected lots of useful plugins.

This plugin is a plugin to manage your collection of plugins. Interface Tools Plugin Preparing and optimizing images for the web can involve some repetitive tasks. This plugin is a panel containing some of the most frequently used tools for this kind of thing.

The panel lets you turn snap on or off, horizontally center, vertically center, trim, and export. This is a huge time saver. Super Spray This is a useful plugin that turns any. This makes adding interesting patterns easy — just import your image with the plugin. Subtle Patterns This is an oldie but a goody. The latest version of Subtle Patterns by Adobe is now a paid plugin. But this is the latest free version before it became a premium product.

LunarCell This is an intergalactic plugin that is specifically for designing planets. The intuitive user interface allows you to create beautiful interstellar planets of all kinds. It also creates 3D maps. Extending Photoshop is Easy Photoshop comes with a lot of useful tools built-in.

But if you have specific design needs, these plugins are certain to make the task of creation just a little bit easier. Related Posts.

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