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By Ernie Svenson on April 6th, Adobe Acrobat Professional is powerful software, which can help lawyers do more with PDF files in e-filing, e-discovery, and general everyday law practice. Adobe is showing no signs of lowering the price of Acrobat, and in fact seems headed in the direction of selling its software only on a subscription basis.

The questions are: He literally wrote the book and the blog on Acrobat and PDF for lawyers. Here are some features, all of which mirror ones found in Acrobat Professional: Easy, one-click PDF-creation options, e. Ability to use full-blown digital signatures, or simple signature stamps. Redaction functions, allowing lawyers to permanently obscure sensitive parts of PDF documents. Bates-stamping and bates-numbering functionality.

Nuance has done a great job on the look and feel of its new PDF software. Tools are all clearly labeled and easy to find. The last two editions of Acrobat X and XI confused many of us with menus and tools that were moved or renamed. Adobe also increased the number of clicks needed to access many tools in Acrobat. Acrobat has two side panels, one on the right and one on the left.

Why they did this makes no sense to me. The comments and attachments area is located on the bottom, which is easy to find and makes a lot of sense. Stamps Galore Acrobat ships with some default stamps that are typically used in business settings. Nuance has about the same number of stamp choices, and its stamps look more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

The most-useful kind of stamp, in my estimation, is a signature stamp. Creating a full-blown digital signature is too cumbersome, and usually results in the recipient of the digitally-signed PDF being confused. A signature stamp is just an imported digital copy of your real signature.

The process for importing a graphic signature is the same in Nuance and Acrobat software, but Nuance offers some additional useful options. With Acrobat the process is harder and less intuitive. Also, Nuance has a built-in, easy-to-find flattening option so you can permanently embed the signature into the document.

Acrobat XI added a new menu that connects to its online EchoSign digital signature service, and from there you can flatten a signature. So the stamps features in Nuance are better than the ones in Acrobat. Nuance has its eyes in the cloud too, but in a much less restrictive way. Firms can also integrate the software with document management systems such as NetDocuments or Sharepoint, among others.

Bates stamping in Nuance offers the ability to shrink the document to create white space where the bates-number can reliably be placed. And it allows you to save your favorite settings for reuse later. Keyboard Shortcuts Remember the beginning of this article, when I mentioned trade-offs? Well, keyboard shortcuts are one area where Nuance is behind Acrobat. Being able to navigate and manipulate a PDF using keyboard shortcuts is crucial for power users.

Here are important PDF tasks that should be done using keyboard shortcuts: Not having a keyboard shortcut to jump to a specific page baffles me.

Nuance Power PDF offers eight options, including the ability split by bookmarks below top-level Acrobat only allows you to split by top-level bookmarks. But Acrobat offers the ability to have the resulting files created from top-level bookmarks named the same as the bookmark. Cue the sound of sad trombones. Trust me, you want the ability to split bookmarks and wind up with file names based on the bookmarks.

The reason is simple, if not obvious. Each separate document is a separate PDF, which makes it easy to keep track of documents. But you want the documents to be named so that they sort chronologically, and do so automatically. In other words, you want the document to be named something like —04—04 Letter from B.

Jones to L. Smith re copyright. So bookmarking and splitting is a key part of the workflow that produces this PDF document-management nirvana. However, not having the ability to split PDF bookmarks to create documents named based on the bookmark name is the real deal-killer for me.

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Share this Power PDF image: The software has a searchable user manual you can reference at any time. Power PDF image: You can use scanned images, documents or files from electronic sources within this OCR application. If you have handwritten text on your scanned image, you can use the editing tools to remove it.

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