Serial Number Corel 12

Corel 12 serial number and activation code

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serial number corel 12

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View Full Version: Corel 12 Question mike klein , What I have are over items which have a companys logo engraved onto one side and on the other side there will be 3 digit and 4 digit numbers starting out at , then ,,, and so on.

I used the laser to cut out the template for their items, set up a paragragh text block on each item with the number in every item.

The only shortcut I can find so far is to search and replace. I was hoping their may be a function in Corel where as a person could select a bunch of text blocks and re-number them sequentially, Automatically. Mike , 2: I run Corel 11 and haven’t found a “sequence” for numbering. I’ll be following this thread for info though!!

I’m sure a macro could be programmed for this feature but am not a tech person. Bruce Joe Pelonio , 2: Here’s one of the add-ons: Lee DeRaud , 2: Possibly using the number from the first object as the starting value.

Corel 12 already has a ‘Print Merge’ function, you just need to create the file of numbers to stuff in But despite what that program claims, generating that file is trivial: Shaddy Dedmore , 4: First, the serial number text box that you create must be Renamed “Serial”. I find it’s easiet to do it in the Object Manager window on the first one, than as you copy and paste it it retains the name “Serial”. I’ve also included in my GMS a macro that will change the name of everything you’ve selected so make sure if you run it, only the text boxes you want to increment are selected.

It’s called “RenameTextboxToSerial”. The reason for renaming to Serial is so in the future when you want to change the count, you can easily programmatically pick out the right box to change withough individually selecting by hand The other macro “AutoIncreaseSerial”, will pick out the Serial text boxes and increment them from your selection.

I made it so you have to select them, so if there are some you want to leave alone, you can leave them unselected and it won’t increment them useful if you want say with one saying, then again with another saying. But if you’re doing all of them on you page, you can select everything on that page including pictures, lines, curves, everything and it will pick out only the “Serial” boxes.

I’m sure I’ve made it sound harder than it really is. It’s not so bad. There are 2 input boxes, the first asks for the start number usually starts with 1, but enter whatever number you want the second input box asks for your format, if you want ,, enter if you want 01,02,03 enter Let me know where I screwed up hehe. I only have version 12, not sure what else it works in. Here’s my code in case the GMS doesn’t work. Sub AutoIncreaseSerial.

Corel Graphics Suite

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Corel DRAW 12 Free Download Full Version has New Features of photo editing PHOTO-PAINT, new learning tools in all applications and. AuthorTotal downloads UploadedActivation code/Serial key Important! If the activation code or serial key. View all the patches and updates available for your Corel products.

Serial Number Corel 12

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