How to create a tearing neurofunk DnB Reese sound in Xfer Records Serum

Honestly, if you are planning on being a professional EDM producer then you should have both and Sylenth and Nexus 2! Although, Massive is slated for an update in , so that may change. If you can afford it, you are much better off buying Massive as part of a Komplete bundle.
serum wavetable tutorial

Ultimate List of Free Serum Wavetables

Even after watching every Serum tutorial I could find online, there was still so much to discover. This is why I decided to compile my 25 favorite Serum tips in one place! If you want to read an in depth review of Xfer Serum, click here. Tip 1: This method is a little less picky and allows you to quickly modulate parameters.

Tip 2: This allows you to easily copy your modulation source to a new LFO to further edit it. Tip 3: The Compressor is a Limiter Set the compressor’s ratio all the way to the right, to “limit” to turn serum into a limiter. Tip 4: This allows you to modulate the parameters yourself instead of using the built in LFO. Tip 5: Tip 6: Tip 7: Click and drag on the curve slope to change it. This can add an entire new element to your sounds! Tip 8: A great way to process your sounds further, or even use the FX from Serum on audio or other synths!

Tip 9: Tip This is excellent for percussive bursts on the front of sounds. This allows you to create cool looping LFO shapes.

This trick is great for creating arps and sequences! However, it may cause skipping if a change is made mid switch. This can avoided by turning “anchor” off, which may put things out of perfect sync. This is saying whether it is starting from the beginning or in the middle. Envelope Magnifying Glass Use the magnifying glass to view longer envelope times or use the lock symbol to lock it to that screen.

Tips Single Oscillator Chords Try making the range 7 semitones for example create single oscillator chords with the unison pitch and width control knobs. This can be super useful if you overdrive the filter using the “Drive” knob and need to compensate the volume. Conclusion I hope you learned something new from this Serum tutorial! It’s a 33 page PDF that goes WAY more in depth than this article did, and it gives you daily tasks to complete that will advance your sound design faster than you could ever imagine It also includes tons of daily videos to show you step by step how to complete each daily task.

So if you’re looking to step up your sound design, go check it out:

Any Old Sample

You are not limited to the wavetables provided by Blamsoft. Or use the sampling button to sample your voice or a guitar. Expanse will always do something with the audio data. Import Setting You can use the import setting in the lower right-hand corner to smooth out the wavetable by choosing a Crossfade or Spectral Morph with fewer than all of the frames. Crossfade is a smooth transition in the time domain, Spectral Morph results in a smooth transition of frequency domain components, or Off provides no transitions and uses all of the frames. Serum-compatible Wavetables Wavetables in a Serum-compatible format can be directly loaded into Expanse.

VIDEO: Serum Wavetable Design 1/2

Our Xfer Serum tutorials cover everything from the basics like the oscillator tab and navigating Serum’s interface through to the wavetable editor and how to. Serum is a Virtual Studio Technology (VST) synthesizer plug-in that uses wavetable synthesis. Electronic dance music producers, including. Xfer Records’ groundbreaking virtual synth plug-in Serum sets the bar incredibly high for wavetable synthesis. Studio guru Kenny Gioia injects total Serum.

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