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One it to buy it as the downloadable software SmartDraw for Windows, and the other is to subscribe to the SmartDraw Cloud service. The downloadable product comes in three different versions: Standard, Business, and Enterprise. SmartDraw Cloud, which is what I used to test the service, does not have various tiers.
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SmartDraw Cloud

I also have loved SmartDraw in the past. I installed the new version and my initial reaction of joy has been replaced with disappointment. The negatives for me; 1. Working area! Way too small! And why are we now stuck with choosing a paper size? I learnt early to keep saving as I worked.

I thought I was onto it. It was gone! The new UI might be good for newbies, but what about settings for something resembling the classic interface? Stannard, but SD needs a critical review and update for it to continue being my software of choice. I do like the new graphics though!! Robin January 15th, Just used the trial version.

Never used SD before but in about 3 hours from download I produced a decision tree to support a meeting I had the next day to explain something complex. SD cannot remember where it was installed. At first, i really enjoyed using it and told my colleagues to try it out.

But when i was tasked to produce a simple flowchart diagram using all the available templates, I was so disappointed with how sluggish my laptop become.

The drawing itself is invisible when it reach a very high memory consumption but you can tell that your drawing is there. Is there a solution for this? Using windows xp pro sp2. Please help as i like this software better than MS Visio. February 14th, I did purchase Smartdraw for my students and myself recently and again because of very positive experience with earlier versions did not make use of the trial offer.

Unfortunately I have to say that I am considering to move back to Version 7, even if I do loose some of the improvements added in version and for which I did purchase the new version. My main reasons for this are: Reduced workspace. Converting drawings and symbols created in earlier versions of Smartdraw generates a large number of errors changes of hatching, rotation of objects, etc. For me missing backward compatibility can not be excused. Complaining to Smartdraw Support about this gets you the answers that this caused by the new drawing rendering engine and if you have sensitive data, keep a Vers.

Several commands can only be accessed through the Vers. My main problem, however, is the reduced workspace, which can not be changed by work-arounds.

February 14th, Hubertus; thanks for the comment. All of the comments on this post show that SmartDraw needs to engage its customers in real conversations about its product. This has become the default SmartDraw complaint forum because the company is obviously too scared to actually talk to its customers.

I predict that this will be to the detriment of the company. Dear Paul: Get a blog and start talking to your customers! I have Smardraw 6 and 7. I loved how quickly you could become productive using these two versions. Is this the year AD or AD? Why not include the classical view, if you choose to go with the ribbon? Clearly there is a disproportionately large number of disappointed users of this upgrade, compared to SD 6 to 7 upgrade for instance.

Which would — if I was the SmarDraw boss — make me think. People at Odessa Corp. In less than 1 hour, it consumed more than 1. Its too sluggish even at start… is it written in. If these problems were fixed, I would probably get used to the altered layout, and could probably live with the loss of some themes I dont use anyway.

Creating professional P&ID, industrial diagrams, and schematics is fast and easy

Here’s how it works. Open an wiring diagram or circuit drawing template—not just a blank screen. Add circuit symbols, switches, relays, and more. SmartDraw circuit drawing software works with you instead of against you.

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Companies that document their processes using SmartDraw are discovering real, DOWNLOAD TEMPLATES You’ll be able to edit pages, ungroup symbols, change fill color, resize shapes and continue working on your Visio®diagram. SmartDraw comes with over 50, symbols, templates and example files, plus you can download additional symbol and element collections from the. “We then downloaded SmartDraw onto the tablet PC and it was, right from the SmartDraw’s customized fire inspection symbols such as fire.

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