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Go to top How to get Hacked spotify? Ads might be annoying for many and might sometimes also get in the way of an excellent user experience which Spotify does have. So, to get rid of adverts be it banner ads or skippable videos ads, the premium version makes sure you have a completely ad-free experience.
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Paid Subscribers Friday April 5, 8: The shift reportedly happened earlier in ; Apple had more than 28 million U. Similar news broke last summer from an industry source, but now months later the WSJ is corroborating the report.

According to the paper, Apple Music has been adding subscribers “more rapidly” than Spotify, with a monthly growth rate of 2. Apple Music is starting to see growth in areas outside the United States as well: Apple Music is growing faster globally—at a rate of about 2.

The numbers reported today refer only to paying subscribers and exclude any user on the Apple Music three-month free trial or the Spotify ad-supported subscription tier.

If the figures did include the free tiers, Spotify does have many more users overall in the United States.

Apple Music does offer discounts for families and students, but has yet to partner with another streaming video company to offer a bundle like Spotify. Like its previous products, the company has also partnered with Apple to sell the temperature regulating smart mug on Apple. Previously, the only size that the Ceramic Mug was available in was a 10oz option. While we enjoyed the overall quality and usefulness of the Ceramic Mug in our review, this sizing issue was one of the biggest downsides to the product, since it barely left any room for creamer in coffee and often led to spills.

The two mugs are identical other than their sizes, and let you set a desired temperature, track caffeine consumption via the Health app, and customize the mug’s LED.

The main feature of the Ceramic Mug is that it lets you set a specific drinking temperature for your coffee or tea via the iPhone app. Over the course of a few minutes, the mug will lower its internal temperature to that setting, and then keep your drink at your desired level of warmth while you drink it. They also both have a one hour battery life on a single charge, but if you place the mugs on the included charging coaster you can keep your drink at the desired temperature all day.

This offer expires April 8, at An early mock-up of the T-Mobile live TV streaming service Under the agreement, T-Mobile will be able to offer live feeds of these channels to its subscribers, as well as on-demand viewing for certain channels.

Not much was heard about the service throughout , and Deals Spotlight: This is the iPad Pro with a Home Button and bezels, prior to the major design update seen on the lineup in When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

There are multiple colors and storage capacities discounted as well, so be sure to check out every iPad Pro on sale today in the list below. Gold, Silver, or Space Gray. Head to our full Deals Roundup to check out more information on the latest sales happening this Deals: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with these vendors.

Anker offers two types of sales: We’ve divided these two sales up in the lists below, and note that all Anker sales shared today will expire on April This week, the All 4 app updated with integration for Apple’s TV app, meaning that all of the shows that users watch in the All 4 app will sync in their Up Next queue in the TV app.

All 4 shows will also appear as part of recommendations in the TV app now, making it much easier as a whole for viewers to keep track of their show binges within the TV app. It also hosts a few imported series like Community, 30 Rock, and The Goldbergs. To gain access to these shows and movies, all users need to do is create and sign into a free My4 account. Thanks John! The plan also includes 5GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text to 20 parent-approved contacts, and an automatically enabled “Safety Mode” to prevent surprise overages.

Verizon updated its Smart Family app in the spring of as a rebranding of its previous “FamilyBase” parental controls product.

As with the previous deals, you can cancel your DirecTV Now subscription after you receive the Apple TV 4K, and still gain access to the service for the remainder of the first four months. During its fourth quarter earnings report for , DirecTV Now reported that it lost , subscribers. This was attributed to the closure of discount bundles like the original Apple TV 4K offer, so it appears the company is trying out a new version to entice new subscribers into signing up.

With that in mind, as you browse the internet today you should be very wary of everything you read, particularly regarding any stories or announcements by major brands. As a point of comparison, last year companies teased their customers with tennis shoes that had smartphone features T-Mobile , socks that could control your TV Roku , and beer that made you fluent in another language Duolingo.

This year you can expect the usual companies to join in on the pranks, potentially including Google, Netflix, T-Mobile, and more. Apple products and services are usually targets of April Fools’ Day pranks, but the company itself doesn’t typically go all out for the event, besides a few humorous jokes sometimes added to Siri. Check out the highlights from this year’s April Fools’ Day hoaxes in the list below. T-Mobile Phone BoothE T-Mobile is again fighting one of the so-called pain points of the wireless industry with the launch of the Phone BoothE, a completely sound-proof and high-tech phone booth that lets T-Mobile customers escape from noisy areas to make their phone calls.

Inside the Phone BoothE you can charge your devices, connect to a smart screen called “Magenta Pages” to mirror your smartphone display, and adjust the lighting to take great selfies. In regards to the Deals Spotlight: The credit will be applied monthly over the entire agreement term. More deals and discounts can be found in our full Deals Roundup. These models are now part of Apple’s full iPad line, also including the 9. If price is your biggest consideration, you’ll want to look at the basic 9.

If you’re looking for portability, check out the iPad mini, and if you want a mid-sized iPad with a bit more to offer than the entry-level iPad, check out the new iPad Air. What about the iPad Pro? Apple’s high-end iPads are in a class by themselves, and it shows in the price.

Unless you’re a pro-level user or cost is no object, you’ll probably want to look to cheaper options, but the iPad Pro models deliver cutting-edge technology for those who need it. With that quick overview out of the way, let’s take a look at what each model has to offer.

This iPad is perfect if you’re on a budget as it’s also frequently on sale, and is popular in the education field. It has the most important features users are looking for in an iPad, like a generous display, Touch ID , and a decent rear camera, as well as support for the first-generation Apple Pencil if you’re into drawing, handwritten notes, and other tasks that don’t work quite as well with your finger.

Expercom offers custom-configured models with either standard Apple RAM or Expercom-branded RAM that can in some cases save you substantial amounts of money. MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Expercom. To see the discounts, head to Expercom’s iMac section and browse to add one of Apple’s desktops to your cart. In the checkout screen, enter the coupon code “newimac” in the relevant field and click apply. This code works with iMacs only on Expercom’s website, and will expire on Monday, April 1.

Standard Configurations – iMacs Although YouTube TV is available in every market, not every area will have all four major local networks, which is an issue some users have with many over-the-top services. Fubo Standard includes 82 channels, a 30 hour cloud DVR, and two-screen streaming. Price hikes for live streaming TV services have been quite popular this year, most ‘The Elder Scrolls: Blades” has begun rolling out in early access this week, after facing numerous delays in via TouchArcade.

As of now, the game is in early access and Bethesda is sending out invites in waves. If you’re interested, you can create a Bethesda account to sign up for early access on the company’s website, and more information about the program can be found on the game’s FAQ page. Apple used the mobile game as a way to showcase the A12 Bionic chip on the newest generation of iPhone devices. During the event, Howard said that Blades is a massive, first person role-playing game that is full of quests for players to complete in an open world.

In the game, you play as a member of the Blades, a group of the Empire’s top agents who are forced into exile, forcing you to return to your hometown in an effort to help rebuild it. The game’s App Store page highlights features like dungeon questing, city customization, player-versus-player arena battles, character and gear editing, and more.

The Elder Scrolls: Tests for Spotify Premium Duo are currently being held in Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland, and the company has not mentioned when or if the plan will expand to more territories, including the United States.

The new plan is aimed at couples and roommates, providing a separate Spotify Premium account for each person so they can enjoy their own music. Both users on the plan must live at the same address, and Spotify requires a confirmation of address during the sign-up process.

Spotify Premium for Family up to six people sharing the same plan also requires users to live at the same address, but many people still use it to share accounts from afar with their friends, so Spotify appears to be attempting to curb this behavior with Premium Duo.

Premium Duo comes with an exclusive playlist called “Duo Mix,” which Spotify regularly updates based on music that each user on the plan listens to. On mobile devices, Duo Mix will also have two alternate versions that users can switch to with just a tap: Additionally, the two members on Premium Duo will be able to create playlists and share them with one another thanks to a Shared Playlists feature.

The bill for the plan will be sent to the person who sets up and purchases the Premium Duo account. Her stance on right-to-repair laws is just a portion of her Medium post, which mostly focuses on “leveling the playing field” for American farmers. One of Warren’s points centers on the fact that many farmers are forced to rely on authorized agents to repair equipment, leading to higher prices for the farmer.

Warren says this is “ridiculous” and that farmers should be able to repair their own equipment, leading to her “strong support” for a national right-to-repair law. Although Warren’s post focuses on agriculture, Motherboard points out that her legislation would impact American customers across the board, from farmers fixing tractors to an iPhone owner looking to fix their smartphone at a lower cost without breaking warranty.

Elizabeth Warren: Farmers should be able to repair their own equipment or choose between multiple repair shops. The national right-to-repair law should require manufacturers of farm equipment to make diagnostic tools, manuals, and other repair-related resources available to any individual or business, not just their own dealerships and authorized agents. This will not only allow individuals to fix their own equipment — reducing delays — but it will also create competition among dealers and independent Twelve South Updates BookArc With Compatibility for MacBook Air Tuesday March 26, The aluminum stand also includes inserts to fit a wide range of other Apple notebooks.

Otherwise, the new BookArc looks and performs similarly to previous models, providing a place to rest your MacBook while you tether it to an external display for a more comfortable workflow.

BookArc can also be used to charge and display a MacBook. Twelve South shared a video about the origins of BookArc, which was the company’s first product. MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Twelve South.

This marks Spotify’s third podcast-related acquisition in two months, and represents the company’s ongoing plan to boost the music streaming platform as a hub for podcasts that can compete with Apple Podcasts. Parcast will be added to that list, and Spotify will now have ownership of its specialization in crime and mystery-themed podcast content, genres that are hugely successful in the market. Parcast is home to a big list of popular genres and podcasts, covering topics like cults, serial killers, haunted places, unexplained mysteries, extraterrestrials, and more.

These purchased shows will also join new and original podcasts created by Spotify, all of which will be curated by the team that built Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist algorithm. Eventually, the music streaming company hopes to become the Netflix of podcasts, able to provide recommendations on what to watch and house both third-party and exclusive first-party content.


Task Stream Music Online You can easily enjoy your favorite tracks without any disturbance. You can install Dolby Atmos on Android for the better audio experience. Free Video Guide: How to download Spotify for android? Installation This guide is applicable for all the smartphones that run on Android OS, do read the whole step-by-step procedure to evade errors if any.

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