How to Move Windows 10 to SSD

User Comments “I recently upgraded from Windows 8. My Windows 8. Actually, when searching for “Microsoft migrate Windows 10 to SSD” in Google, you can find many users are looking for the method. Here in this post, we will show you two tools for this job. When referring to moving Windows 10 to SSD, you probably are doubtful:
transfer windows 10 to ssd

How to move Windows 10 from your old hard drive to SSD

This protects you in case something goes wrong, as the data is needed for the entire process. Shrink your disk contents to get rid of additional space, as SSD drives usually have less space compared to regular HDDs.

This ensures your system partition fits on the new drive. Delete any personal files, multimedia files like photos, videos, music, and non-system files so your partition is as small as possible. Check that your system partition can fit on the SSD drive, and then you can begin the cloning process. To do this, following the below steps. In the Windows search bar type Disk Cleanup, and click on its link.

A box with a list of file types will open. Check the files you want to get rid of or delete. Click OK to begin the cleanup process. Launch and run the software on your computer. Reboot your computer. You can now continue using Windows 10 on your SSD drive. If you like, you can remove the old Windows HDD or use it as extra storage.

It is easy to use, versatile, and offers data backup, disk cloning, disaster recovery, and file syncing solutions. Connect your hard drive to your computer. Select your SSD drive. Confirm your selection. Click Next and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the cloning. Create a new folder in your old drive to store personal files and user folders — give the folder whatever name you want — for example, MyOldStuff.

Select the new folder as the target. All your folders will now be placed in the old drive HDD. To restore your personal files to the old HDD, follow the two steps below. Open the backup destination can be external storage, cloud, or another partition. Comment below.

About SSD and Migration

Read more Read Before we begin, there are a few caveats as always. First, your new SSD has to be big enough to hold everything on your primary hard drive. You can delete files you no longer need or can re-download again, like your huge games library to free up space. However, the wait is worth it:

VIDEO: How to move Windows 10 to an SSD

Moving Windows 10 to SSD can be done in a number of ways. Here, we run though the easiest. To install Windows 10 to SSD, you can either have a clean install or clone system clone feature allows you migrate only OS from old hard drive to the new SSD. 3 days ago This tutorial article tells how to migrate/clone Windows 10 to SSD, or move Windows 10 from HDD to SSD with EaseUS system migration.

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