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Tune Up Utilities Overview Whenever you uninstall any program from your system chances are that there remains some registries and your program does not remove completely. These little registry files affects your computer? There are lots of applications which are dedicated to cleaning up all the mess after uninstallation but? Tune Up Utilities is one such application that can eradicate these registry files completely.
tuneup utilities 2014 64 bit

Tuneup utilities 64 bit pc

Tweet Has your PC slowed down recently, become more unstable? TuneUp Utilities claims to offer a far simpler solution. Does this really work, though? The lengthy feature list is promising, with TuneUp Utilities including tools to clean and defragment your hard drive, control your startup programs, clean up your browsers, fix Registry problems, explore hard drive space, solve common PC issues, apply useful Windows tweaks, and more.

And the release has been further improved, particularly in its hard drive cleaning abilities, with extended application support and a Duplicate File Finder helping to free up even more drive space. Sounds good — but how would the suite behave on a real life test PC? It was time to find out. Getting Started TuneUp Utilities opens with its marginally revamped, tabbed interface, a simplified version of the previous edition which strips away excess text to help you concentrate on the core essentials.

The initial Dashboard tab displays key details on your PC status, and any issues which need addressing. And the new “Flight Mode” button turns Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off with a click, a minor convenience for some mobile users.

This is just the start, too, as TuneUp Utilities saves its best functions for the four next tabs: Clean Up Clicking the “Clean Up” tab reveals six tools which aim to help you free up valuable hard drive space. The Disk Cleaner can delete leftover files from Windows and more than applications now including support for iTunes , while the Browser Cleaner is able to clean your internet tracks in more than 25 browsers.

A third tool to find and delete broken shortcuts is less useful, as it can only scan a few areas the desktop, Start Screen and Recent Documents folder. All it does is provide links to disable hibernation or Windows Messenger, neither of which were enabled on our test system, anyway. The “Disk Space Explorer” is much, much better, quickly analysing your hard drive to find out exactly what is using the most space.

You can then view your space hogs by folder and file type, browse a list of largest files, and more. The section at last includes a Duplicate File Finder, the most significant addition to TuneUp Utilities , which quickly scans your drive to locate identical files.

And the final option is a conventional secure deletion tool, which can overwrite specified files, folders, or the Recycle Bin, allowing them to be deleted with no hope of recovery. Optimize The Optimize tab provides access to a mix of tools, some familiar, some much more interesting. The Clean Registry and Defrag Registry options fall into the first category. Elsewhere, a basic defrag tool does a reasonable job of rearranging your files to optimize performance, while another option can apply a few simple tweaks to marginally speed up boot and shutdown times disabling little-used services, say.

The Startup Manager is more capable. It doesn’t just display existing Windows startup programs which might be extending your boot time, it also highlights any which are unnecessary, and provides user-based ratings on the usefulness of others, perhaps helping you decide what to remove. The Uninstall Manager is another plus. And if you’ve an application you use, but only rarely, then you may be able to turn it off with the Program Deactivator.

This disables the background processes associated with a program, without removing it entirely, and so giving you the best of both worlds: Does it work? This all sounds great, in theory — but what might you be able to achieve, on a real system? To get some idea, we took a Windows 8 PC which was being maintained only by the standard operating system tools.

We measured the boot time, and after five minutes, checked used RAM and the number of active processes, threads and handles. This test was repeated three times, and an average taken. We then used every Clean Up and Optimize tool we’ve described here to tune up our PC, before running our tests again.

The results? Boot time fell 32 percent, from 69 to 47 seconds; used RAM dropped from 2. There was also significantly reduced CPU usage, particularly at boot time, and the whole system felt snappier and more responsive. Not everyone will see these benefits, of course. And experienced users might have been able to achieve similar results with some well-judged manual tweaking although it would have been rather more difficult.

There are plenty of bonus tools included here, too. A simple File Undelete program; useful Task Manager and Regedit alternatives; a system information module, a Windows tweaking tool, the TuneUp Styler an easy way to change your system icons , and more. Verdict This isn’t the most significant of updates, with only the suite’s disk cleaning functions seeing any major improvements, but TuneUp Utilities remains an exceptionally thorough and comprehensive optimization tool which generally does a great job of accelerating PC performance We Like Loads of features, easy to use, relatively safe although you’ll still need to run regular backups , excellent disk cleaning results, Program Deactivator is particularly handy, good local Help file We Don’t Like A few tools are very basic, others are short on configuration options, not many significant enhancements in this release Details.

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Download TuneUp Utilities from official website link given below. You can perform a full installation which is completely automated. Optionally you can do a custom installation. In this method you will get the choice to change installation directory and select Context Menu entries made by TuneUp. Once done, proceed with the installation.

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We’ve upgraded TuneUp Utilities to give you longer battery life and more disk space on your Windows PC. Download trial today! TuneUp Utilities TuneUp Utilities bit. With TuneUp Utilities, you can restore the full performance capabilities of your operating Review: TuneUp Utilities – BetaNews. Most people looking for Tuneup utilities for windows 10 64 bit downloaded: TuneUp Utilities offers advanced performance optimizers, helping you.

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