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Contact Via website Web www. It comes in all major formats for Mac and PC and will run on operating systems that have been more or less abandoned by most software, as well as the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows. At its heart are two oscillators, each with a sub oscillator and a full set of controls.
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u-he updates Hive synthesizer with wavetable support, XY controls & more in v1.2

Reviews When U-He dropped a public beta version of its streamlined, workflow-efficient subtractive synth Hive back in , the excitement for a completely new plugin from U-He was at a fever pitch, even though my enthusiasm for Hive was subdued by my love affair with Zebra 2 and, of course, anticipation for Zebra 3, which is still very much a factor in my life. Plus, I had spent so much time in Zebra that I had developed a nasty habit of holding other instruments to its unrealistically high standard of flexibility.

The Review The first thing that flew over my head: Now, you can select anywhere between sixteen unison voices per oscillator, and as I explained earlier in my description of the three synthesis engines, the spacing between unison voices can be random, uniform or exponential.

The oscillators themselves are pretty simple, as they were meant to be, with seven basic waveforms: The filters are made to be low on CPU, with bipolar Input Gain controls that determine the input volume and also the amount of nonlinear distortion when the synth engine is set to Normal or Dirty mode.

There are seven different filter modes: Bypass, Low-pass 24, Low-pass 12, Band-pass, High-pass, Band-reject, and Peaking, which is similar to Bypass mode but with active resonance. There are also pre-routed filter cutoff modulation controls for both LFOs and both Mod Envelopes, and obviously the basic controls you can expect to see for Cutoff, Resonance etc. In the restart menu, there are four restart modes: Seriously, the attention to detail in regard to oscillator phase is nothing short of astonishing.

Even though I covered this before, it bears repeating: In Dirty mode, envelope stages are exponential, and in Clean mode, envelopes have linear attack and exponential decay and release.

One thing that I love about Hive is how quickly you can program modulation for effect parameters, and how seamless and bug-free the results are.

In the Effects section, we have a Distortion module with four modes: The Chorus module is notably different than the one provided in Zebra, with three modes: Dramatic, Classic and Ensemble, which is especially rich and swirly. You can rearrange any of these effects in any order, a popular feature inherited from Bazille. You can dive right into sound design without fidgeting with annoying hidden pages and distracting context menus, and the sound! More info:

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Mouseover shows parameter values in Data Display. GUI performance improvements on Windows. Init preset can be loaded from Data Display for Win users: Increased maximum number of skins from 10 to

VIDEO: U-He Hive Review

Get the guaranteed best price on Software Synths & Samplers Software like the U -He Hive Software Download at OSX: VST2 or AU compatible host software. Rechercher dans ce site. SYNTH > . U-he Hive cloud.finnflare.com hive. Comments. View as Desktop My Sites. Powered By Google Sites. When U-He dropped a public beta version of its streamlined, workflow-efficient subtractive synth Hive back in , the excitement for a.

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