Future Club Trance: Vengeance Avenger

The new Tech House vol. Enjoy of the deepest and coolest techy sounds you will ever encounter. Especially the drumkits are a true gamechanger. Everything is ready to use, well mixed and crafted so you can focus on the arrangement.
vengeance trance

Sorry for the Inconvenience

The new Tech House vol. Enjoy of the deepest and coolest techy sounds you will ever encounter. Especially the drumkits are a true gamechanger. Everything is ready to use, well mixed and crafted so you can focus on the arrangement. This XP is everything but ordinary! HandsUp is back! Who dont remember this smashing dance genre back in the early s? Of course all the leads, basses, pads and arps leads are still being used today in modern EDM or pop music, so don’t hesitate to add a bit of the classic HandsUp flavour to your EDM tracks!

VPS Avenger Effects: Trance Welcome to the third part of our popular “Effects” series: This time its all dedicated to Trance! You know that creating a complex break and build up is a tedious and time consuming thing. Good that we did the hard work for you! And the best thing is: The expansion furthermore contains everything you hear in the demo Hardstyle for Avenger is here and is explosive! Fear the most brutal kicks, the most cutting basslines, the dirtiest leads and the most screaming synths out there in one epic expansion pack.

Mirko Ruta and Manuel Schleis teamed up to achieve the highest production level and to have a very wide variety of sounds. But we know what you all want: Kicks, Kicks and more Kicks In either way you can play them melodic in any desired key. Go get it if you dare! And what is better than one sound designer? Correct, 3 sound designers: Manuel Schleis, Kevin Schroeder and Andy Hinz teamed up for this awesome collection of uber-fat 80s sounds!

Cinematic 2 finally is here! Every single preset is a highlight in its own and impressively shows what Avenger is capable of. You will keep asking yourself how the hell this was done in just one single Instrument! Get inspired by complex rhytmic arrangements, evolving chord progressions, atmospherical textures, beautiful natural instruements, thundering drums and very complex Macro assignments, allowing you to totally customize each preset to your needs with just a few tweaks.

This is a true must have for every Avenger user and belongs in every sound collection, no matter if you are producing trance, modern electronic music, ambient, pop music, hiphop or cinematic music. If you do hard rocking electronic music, Dubstep, Cinematic- or Gaming soundtracks – this one is for you! VPS is your new workhorse in the studio. It can do anything, sound like everything, and the best thing is: Together with its huge library and tons of unique and outstanding new features, Avenger is a true game changer.

Not convinced yet? Please watch our product video or check out our demoversion! Vengeance Essential Tech House Volume 1 Vengeance Essential Tech House is here to help you bring down the house or raise the roof – whichever you prefer! This new samplepack by Vengeance Sound delivers authentic, up-to-date tech house and techno samples. Explore over 2, samples, including a wide variety of fresh one-shots such as bass drums, claps, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, percussion, vocal shouts, synth shots and FX sounds – all subdivided into six different categories.

With cutting-edge up- and down-risers, reverse FX, miscellaneous FX, vinyl crackle backgrounds and amazing atmospheres that were recorded on airports and in train stations and other locations from around the world, tech house and techno producers can find that perfect sound to showcase in their next chart-topping hit! This pack also features best-in-class minimalistic drum loops with just very few instruments added, so you can layer your individual loops over kick- and clap-free samples as well as melody – and bassline sub loops to layer under your beat as you carefully craft the perfect groove.

Phalanx is the new sampler which will be the heart and center of your music production. Phalanx has mind blowing new features on board and main focus on a quick, comfortable and easy workflow, which will invite you to try out new ways and crazy things. Better watch our detailed product videos now, there are just too many features inside this monster to fit in this text! The EFX Bundle is back with volume 2! These powerful effect processors will become indispensable in your daily production situations.

The unbeatable price makes this deal a no brainer 6.

Sorry for the Inconvenience


VIDEO: Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol.3 [DVD]

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