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Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed Wedding Album Maker Gold. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something! Wedding Album Maker Gold is a professional photo album software which creates exciting wedding photo slide show with music, transitions, DVD menus.
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Wedding Album Maker Gold 3.52

Wedding Album Maker Gold v3. Your family and friends can play your wedding slideshow discs on their TV with a DVD player, or on their computer. With more than transition effects, you can easily share your love story and excitement of your wedding day with your friends and family. It also supports Art-clips for each photo slide which adds amazing special effects for your wedding slideshow. Using this simple tool you can create multiple photo album collections, add transitions between your photos, add background music, and burn CD or DVD photo video discs playable on TV.

But the time leading up to it can be one of the most stressful. Now, you can enjoy your wedding photos on TV in your living room with your friends, family. You can share your memorable moments by sending your wedding DVD discs to your friends, family who cannot attend your wedding.

It is designed to be easy enough for anyone in the family to use. You can create dynamic wedding slideshows with just clicks: Add your photos, design your movie menu, and burn your disc. You will find that you can perform all tasks in the most natural and intuitive way.

And, the whole steps are simple, fast and robust: The slideshow editor includes all the tools you need to create eye-catching photo presentations. Wedding Album Maker Gold enables you to add your favorite wedding music for your wedding slide show. We provide some of the most visually elegant effects available in the market.

You can even customize many of these effects, giving you a virtually infinite selection. This technique makes photo look great on TV. The position, font, color and shadow of the text are immediately shown with the photo. Multiple Supported Input and Output Formats Wedding Album Maker could support you to add widely output and input formats to the wedding slideshow.

Supported Input Formats:

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The application design lets you set-up customized wedding picture albums. With a huge selection of transition results, you can certainly discuss your love history and enthusiasm of your big day with whoever you prefer. With a few moments of work, you should have an eye-catching slide show that will operate on almost any DVD and Blu-ray players. Also, it supports Art-clips for every single picture glide which provides amazing unique results for your wedding slideshow. You can also add music to these to make it, even more, fun, then burn up the right to a Dvd and Blu-ray or CD, and that means you can play them on the compatible device, like a computer or Disc player. For even an improved experience, your friends and relations can play your wedding slideshow discs on the big TV models with a DVD movie player, or on the computer. With Wedding Movie Maker you can create individualized discs that are very easy to use, and that is thanks to the easy-to-use features as well as the non-complex interface.

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