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If you proceed here you accept our purchase terms and VSO does not refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products. Please read in details our refund policy. Derick Brookes 27 August Read more JIm 24 August Read more I have been using ConvertxtoDVD for many years.
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General Settings The general settings are the settings that will be applied to your video files and projects by default. It is recommended to modify these settings before adding any videos to your project. These settings will be overwritten by setting made in the Tabs under the preview window. The settings changed in the Tabs under the preview window will only apply to the video file you have selected in the treeview.

They will not be remembered for future conversions. To set your preferred settings for future conversions change those in the Default Settings that we will go over here and are accessible in the Top menu of ConvertX: Default Settings.

Default Settings 1. General The Working Folder is the location where your conversions will be saved. You can change this location and indicate an external hard drive for instance, by clicking on the “folder icon”. Make sure to always provide a complete path file here. Have in this directory here E: Default installation is: In the working folder, you will find a created folder with the same name as from the first added file, Note: If checked, the dialog for adding files will start from last opened folder, else from defined working folder.

Display last tab used when navigating between titlesets: Without this options checked editing tabs alwyas goes back to the tab “Preview” which is the equivalent of being closed. Check internet for updates regularly: Will check for version update periodically as long as ConvertX is running.

Do not prompt for updates: The Theme of the software interface can be customized with more than 26 colors to choose from. This will change the look and feel of the software applying different colors. Language Set the software in your preferred language. If you language isn’t in the list, or if you wish to help us and translate ConvertX in your own language, you can contact us: Chapters The settings you’ll select here will apply to the whole project so all files within the same conversions while the Chapters tab situated under the preview will apply only to the video selected.

More options are also available in the Chapter Tab. A chapter is an invisible mark in the video that helps you navigate through the film as you are watching it. Instead of fast-forwarding to a specific point you can jump at intervals, these intervals are chapter points that you can determine here. ConvertX automatically imports the original chapters that are on a video file. Create Chapter every Allows you to automatically insert a chapter every X minutes or seconds.

This setting works in pair with For titleset longer than so make sure to read it below. A chapter point will always be created at start of file. You cannot delete this first one!! For titleset longer than Inserts a chapter at the value indicated above only if the video is longer than the specified duration default set value is 15 minutes.

For example this means that no additional chapters will be added if you add a video that is only 10 minutes long, e. Automatically add a chapter at the start of each cut: Automatic chapter button text naming Here you find how the text will appear for the chapter buttons in the menu.

With these settings it will show in the menu buttons: Chapter 1: The used variable can be changed as in the list shown. Menu options Different menu templates come with the program, you can also get additional ones or create your own if you have some developing skills. Some guides have been made on the subject, for the links please see the section Menu templates on this post. You can select one the many templates in the drop down menu. All templates have their own characteristics and options.

For a complete outlook on menu templates and customization, please check out this guide. Details in this forum post. You can decide what to do if the text label is too large name of titleset, etc.. Click on Edit DVD labels if you want to change the name of the menu items: Settings, Subtitles, Audio, Play, etc.

Auto-start playback: Skip root menu initially: This option is ignored if there is no title menu. Return to title menu after titleset playback: Don’t create title menu for single title: A title menu is usefull if many videos are converted as it is the menu that allows you to select which video to play. This title menu is not useful if just 1 video is being converted. Autostart the menu preview: If checked and if you click on a menu item in the treeview the menu will play in the preview window instead of having to first select the item in the treeview and then press the play button in the preview window.

In this tab you can specify DVD format defaults that will be used. You will be able to customize video format options within each project individually in the Output Tab under the preview window. Make sure you select the right Format Video Standard: If you’re not sure which format is used in your country you can check out this list. If pulldown is used for the conversion however the playback will not be progressive. The DVD Resolution is the quality of the image.

The different resolutions available they are ranked according to quality, Full D1 being the best quality. The higher the quality, the more “heavier” your project will be. We recommend leaving these settings on “Automatic”. Default is Full D1 resolution; you may however change this to a lower resolution to fit more videos onto one disc will reduce image quality. The Aspect Ratio allows you to select whether you want the converted video file Aspect ratio to be set automatically or either be full screen Aspect ratio 4: We suggest leaving this on Automatic as Automatic will set the aspect ratio closest to that of the original videos.

A project can have videos with different aspect ratios. In the Output tab you can change the aspect ratio which will override the Aspect ratio set in the general settings. For ConvertXtoHD: Structure type: Select Blu-ray or AVCHD depending on what is compatible with your player and also depending on what type of disks you want to burn your conversion to. Blu-ray structures can only be burnt on Blu-ray disks.

Basically these structures are the same, the folders and files in the structure are not the same and perhaps not the codecs inside, but the way they play should be identical.

Video resolution: Select the resolution you want for your conversion. If checked, program will burn folder files to disc after conversion has finished when a blank disc has been placed in burner and this type can hold the amount of created “data”.

If not checked, the files will be saved in the working folder on your computer. Also you can select between an ISO image or your default burner. You must set ISO image before you start add video file s in a new project. In the drop down menu, the burner detected is listed, if you have more than one they will be listed too and you can select the one of your choice.

On the right you can also set your burning speed: Recommended speed for Single Layer DVD-5 is 4x or 6x, but do not go faster than half of the rated speed of disc. Example if you select to burn at 2x, but your disk only allows for 4x, 6x, and 8x the disk will not be burnt at 2x as requested but the closest speed to that which case it would be burnt at 4x speed.

Default disc Label: Default text to be used for menu title and name of the disc. Leave empty to use the name of the first video file. Add “ISO File” destination to drive list: Delete folder after successful burn: Once the burn is successful, the working folder will be deleted to save hard drive space. If you want to burn multiple discs from this project, uncheck this option before you begin the conversion. Delete vsomsl files after successful burn: These vsomsl files allow the files to be loaded faster the next time they will not be parsed again to create correct timestamps that were not in the original file.

Send burn statistics to VSO online database: Will send burn statistics to VSO, requires an internet connection.

The statistics are anonymous – no user or personal information is collected.

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You just convert them to a compatible format, create an ISO image, and Don’t go: ConvertXtoDVD’s compact console holds a tree view, a small but effective preview window, and a Convert button, as well as a menu bar, log view, and a suite of control icons. The other half of the program’s interface consists of a properties dialog with three rows of tabs for configuring everything from background skins to chapter headings. Briefly, we started a new project by adding video files; selecting a working directory, project priority, formats, and other parameters; and pressing Convert. The program displayed our video in the preview window, sped up by the conversion process, and automatically burned a perfectly functional DVD. Next we skipped the disk burning, opting instead to open the program’s working folder.

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Results 1 – 10 of 31 VSO ConvertXtoDVD Keygen full version terbaru- we ever felt confused how we burn videos to a DVD that can play on In DVD Player, we’ve. Make sure to always provide a complete path file here. For ConvertXtoDVD. In the working folder, you will find a created folder with the same name as from the. ConvertxtoDVD is a powerful software that burns any video format: First convert them and then automatically burn the output to DVD. Now you can create your.

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