How To Use Yoast SEO On WordPress: Complete Tutorial

Yet I pondered: While doing keyword research, I often find several keywords to target. Typically alternative spellings or long-tail variants of the main keyword. The thought quickly crossed my mind:
wordpress seo premium

Is Yoast Premium Worth It? My Underwhelmed Review

Other factors such as social sharing previews and multiple focus keyword analysis are more or a gimmick than a useful tool.

If you follow guidelines for social images then you know how your link will look on Facebook and Twitter. Until Yoast supports partial matches of keywords the keyword analysis is rarely going to show a green light as it always looks for exact matches.

My favourite features of the premium version of Yoast is definitely the automatic redirection when you change the slug of a page or any post type. This is a real timesaver and especially handy if your clients are in the habit of changing things without redirecting.

Second to the automatic redirect the removal of ads is very useful as they are seriously annoying! If you follow the best practices when writing your content then the free version of Yoast SEO works just fine. Redirection The Redirection plugin is a very popular one and for a good reason. It does all that the Yoast redirection manager does with the exception of automatic redirects. If you do go to Yoast Premium then you can import your redirects from the Redirection plugin to Yoast.

Social Preview This is a very simple thing get right the first time. All you need to do is upload the feature images for Facebook and Twitter in the correct dimensions. Facebook is x , Twitter is x px. You can upload these images using the free version of Yoast. Do you really need a preview? If you upload the images correctly the first time you know how it will look.

Multiple Keywords Yoast only looks for exact matches when doing a keyword analysis. Now when using a secondary keyword you should be looking for partial matches rather than exact matches for both the primary and secondary keywords.

Since you will rarely get a green light on your additional keywords and by getting a green light you are probably not going to rank as well for your primary keyword this feature is just a gimmick. Off the bat, if you are relying on a tool to do your internal linking then you are doing it wrong. You can read more about internal linking plugins here.

I hope to see Yoast offer more with its premium plugins. Editor of the Lakewood Journal and founder of Lakewood media. Also an avid landscape and travel photographer. You may also like.

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WordPress SEO is, unavoidably, a complex topic, though. Tired of WordPress hosting support that seems to know less than you do? We understand! Ready to learn how to use Yoast SEO? You can click above to skip straight to the advanced section. If this is your first time using the plugin, you should see a big notice for First-time SEO configuration.

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But the big question is “is yoast seo premium worth it”. In this article, we will be discussing if upgrading to Yoast SEO Premium is value for money. At this point, it . Premium SEO Pack is The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress available on the Market! Using our Premium SEO Pack Plugin you can Optimize your Website in. Feb 22, Premium-SEO-Pack-wordpress-plugin. Premium SEO Pack is a well-known SEO plugin that comes equipped with a complete set of cool SEO.

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