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Download AppLock from Play Store: Worked great, but then the app decided that it wanted to give us fullscreen ads. Unfortunately will now have to drop the software all together and try a competitor.
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How to Hide/Unhide AppLock Icon from Home Screen

Download AppLock from Play Store: Worked great, but then the app decided that it wanted to give us fullscreen ads. Unfortunately will now have to drop the software all together and try a competitor.

Please fix this problem. And it also happens whenever I close the apps which I locked. If I go back there. Must I keep going to the app lock after every clear? Suddenly, one day I randomly opened it, and there is nothing in the vault. What the hell is going on yaar. Plz someone do ket me know and solve it… Those memories are very close to me. This is not the way to loose them. I need a strong response on this.

Not reliable.. Which helps them to unlock the phone from the notification on notification bar even if the gmail is locked… Which makes it easy for intruder.. The AppLock notification about the apps running background always exist and cannot be removed. Maybe someone have same problem like me?

That gives me a lot of peace in knowing that my phone is safe. I understand that are there are many hackers that are very capable but, at least I know I have something making their attempt difficult. By that time, hopefully it will be stopped. Kindly do something.. I shall be very thankfull to you dear developers for this kind favour.. Any issues I have had are because of me doing something incorrectly. But, a text to DoMobile gets a reply back very quickly. A worthwhile app. The only issue I have is that it is not possible to transfer photos from an old phone to a new phone, even by backing up to the cloud.

I have tried enable advanced protection, yada yada yada. Nothing works, it just stops protecting them when the app is shut down completely. I keep getting the same message: With a lock in the top left corner. I updated the app and my phone and keep getting the same message. Please rectify it Asap… -Hi. This app locks the app as soon as I exit the app. What should I do if I want it to unlock the apps only when I lock the screen?

Thanks for solving the issue on mail. I lost all the data.. Tht data images n vedios were too imp for me.. N i could nvr get it back.. The app lock works but it works after 1 or 2 seconds. Whenever i opens an app the app opens without any unlock screen and after 1 or 2 seconds the unblock screen appears. So please do something to sort out this issue. Resent my operating system update with Oreo and one issue is coming to your appLock.

The issue is every time when open the lock app using passcode but after update every time open for passcode if I using Whatsapp and play any video from WhatsApp open passcode page continuously. It will ask you to set all new passcode and the data last saved is still there.

And applock saves all the pics nd data in a rubish named folder in storage that seems a junk to users thats occupying space so when the user deletes it…. Please Try to fix an issue. Apps content appears when check recent task. But this this important to hide those content from the viewer. This is very usefull but i have faced a problem and need solution.

Actually i have mistakenly deleted domobile folder from my device storage and all photos which were placed in vault have been deleted. Please help mee by giving solution for recovering that photos. Those photos were much important. So please please sir help me. I work for a company and i was forced to encrypt all my data to obtain my mail from the company. This encrypt create a copy of my apps like gmail, contact,etc.

Applock lock all my regular apps but none of the encrypt one. Sorry but this dont do the job i need. First attempt will open the application without AppLock screen.

On second attempt only, it gives the lock screen. Please take a look and fix it ASAP. But now its not working for my phone. It cant lock the apps properly, sometime it works n other time it do not. Nowadays it have started hanging. Please give some new update -I hide my important pictures and videos… In it.. I updated the applock and all my pics that i was kept it in was automatically deleated. Please dont update app if you have any important data in vault.

Looks like it wont show. And maybe add a feature so i can reorganize my fotos just by dragging instead of locking and unlocking.

But i started hating it from its last update. It now does not work properly on my phone. It hangs my phone automatically. Please make it like it was earlier so that i can give it 5 stars. I then hid the app, after restarting my phone. I had around photographs hide in this applock which were very precious to me and suddenly they all are gone now. Applock please fix this. I need those photographs back. Any backup, anything for them. Please fix this bug and modify the app so user can retrieve the lost data after reinstalling or updating.

It was a notification from AppLock that my all data which I have saved photos and videos in Applock has been deleted automatically.. Suggestions please Is there any method that I can get back my photos bcoz I have buyed. Newphobe and my old cell is not working.

When I installed applock from my new phone I see no photos nothing I lost everything please I need my data back how can I get any help u can do.


Download this app to your desktop Install in your device Scan the QR code and install this app directly in your Android device Cancel Description of AppLock Lock your apps from prying eyes. Worried about your parents checking your Snapchat? Want to stop people snooping through your private Whatsapp messages? Or prevent friends from using your data? Download AppLock – the chart-topping app in over 50 countries with over million users and supported by over 24 languages.

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① ② 3)How to stop uninstalling AppLock? Please enable Advanced Protection in Protect of AppLock, so nobody can. Results 1 – 10 of 13 Find DoMobile Lab software downloads at CNET, the most comprehensive source for AppLock provides app protection. Go to your mobile browser (JavaScript supported browser as Chrome etc.) and open (with internet access)or directly.

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